My Favorite Fall Hair Trend: Written in Center Justification for No Reason

I've stopped doing my hair. Meaning, I get out of the shower and let it air dry. I don't even comb it and miraculously doesn't get knots. Sometimes it's frizzy. It's mostly frizzy. After showering I use one product: Oribe - Crème for Style. I don't know it's purpose exactly, but it smells amazing. 

I stopped doing my hair ever since I met up with some of the coolest women in the city. After about an hour of hanging out with them, I realized I was the only one who had curled my hair for the gathering. All the women were sitting around with limp colorless hair. They looked beautiful. So I decided to jump on this trend the next day.

That was weeks ago. Then family photos happened, and we took an amazing photo! Except my hair. It's so limp and colorless in this shot. But so fashion forward!! That's what I keep telling myself . . . 


Dancing Makes it Better

First day of kindergarten for my boys today. Oscar's dancing perfectly describes my feeling on the situation.

I've never longed for the days when my kids were babies. I'm not really a baby person. I gladly threw out their bottles, pinkies, and cribs. Same thing went for the toddler stage--good bye sippy cups, high chairs, and strollers. Recently I started telling them to stop growing so fast because it's what my mom told me and it's what I hear people say to their kids. I've told my kids a million times to stop eating their veggies because they grew too tall over night.

But the truth is, I can't wait for them to grow up! Each stage bring more independence, more self awareness, and way less tears and tantrums. I'm looking forward to my boys turning 5 years old next month. I can't wait to see what this year brings us. If it's more dancing like this, I think it's going to be a good one. Maybe even a year I'll long for!

 Oscar's dancing at my sister-in-laws wedding in a bow tie from Nordstrom and a shirt from Zara.

Keep reading for more pictures of the reception. . .


Souvenirs and Collections

Ella and Great Granddad recently spent time together looking over the dolls he collected when he traveled for work in the 1960's. He went everywhere--from Iraq to Italy to Russia to Japan! Every time he came home, he presented his wife with a new doll. Now, 50 years later, the collection has the same magic. Ella was in awe.
say cheese!
I don't buy souvenirs when I travel within the states, but the two times I've gone international I bought a plate and bowls. I like using them daily to remind me of my trips. Here's a post I did about the bowls I bought from a Paris flea market. Two have already broken.  I'm enjoying the other three while they last!

How do you like to remember your vacations? Photos? Souvenirs? Good old fashioned memories?  



This is the last Fire Island post. Promise!

After the first day on the island, I walked over to my friend Joanna and asked, "So. We've played at the beach and the bay. Just curious. What else is there to do?" 

She responded with a slight panic in her voice, "Hmm. We could take a water taxi somewhere, but this is pretty much it." 

I was surprisingly thrilled with her answer. The island forced me to simplify my life and calm down. Once I realized I didn't have to squeeze in a million activities and subway/bus rides, I could finally relax for the first time since summer started. While my kids played in the water, I sat under a beach umbrella and read a book. It was nice that the water was really shallow, there was always a life guard, and my kids are pretty much swimmers. My life is finally getting easier . . . for now!

Here's some of my favorite pictures of the bay and the beach that we took with our iphones. FYI: We stayed in Dunewood! Loved it.
 We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary while on the island. We left the kids with a babysitter and had dinner at the fanciest/only restaurant on our side of the island: Le Doc. Then we took a walk on the beach. Very romantic! This is the sunset from that night.

Keep reading to see more pictures I took using my Canon Rebel T2i .


Memoirs Memoirs Memoirs

I saw this cartoon last week and can totally relate. This summer I've adored reading two memoirs. One way better than my life (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?), and one way worse than my life (The Glass Castle). After seeing this cartoon, I'm on the hunt for a memoir that is pretty much like my life. I hope Snooki writes one quick. We have soo much in common.

Read any good memoirs?  


Summer Must Do: Homemade Lemonade Stand

The kids staying on Fire Island came up with best business ventures. I saw everything from a cupcake stand with choose your own toppings, to marshmallow shooters in three different sizes, to friendship bracelets with beads that spelled out Fire (just Fire ha!). On Wednesday night, it was almost as if a kid run flea market was taking over the island.

So OF COURSE my kids wanted to join in the next day. We looked at the supplies we had and decided on a lemonade stand. They squeezed so many lemons their hands hurt. 

We didn't have paper or pens for a sign so we searched all the cabinets in our rental house for inspiration. Pipe cleaners to the rescue! My kids had fun shaping the letters and I taped them to the bench. 

Just like most businesses, where to set the price point was a major debate. It ranged from free (Oscar) to $1 (Ella) to $2,000 (Owen). In the end, the CEO got her way. They were sold out in 20 minutes and made a whopping $23 dollars. Enough to buy 2 kites, 2 sharks teeth and a bouncing ball from the general store. 
Flowers arrangement by Ella. Somehow she knew the importance of creating not only a great product, but a great experience, too. 
Keep reading for more pictures. . .


Fire Island Must Have Photo Opp!

While at Fire Island last week, I noticed Owen waving his hands in seaweed methodically as he was getting out of the water. He was having so much fun exploring the slimy stringy texture on his own.  Then I had the best idea ever. 

"Hey Owen!" I shouted, "Hold up a bunch of seaweed for a picture! More! Grab more seaweed! Yes. Like that!"

He clearly thought it was the worst idea ever. 
I usually like to stay out of my kids way when I take their pictures. But once in a while I ruin the moment by trying to capture it. This was one of those times. Please tell me I'm not alone. 


Taking a Break in Fire Island

We've been napping in wagons, hammocks, and beach blankets on Fire Island since Monday. It's such a magical place, right down to the lighting. I'll be back next week with details or at least a few funny anecdotes. Until then, here's some of my favorite pictures of the quieter times on the island so far.
Little Toby!


My Wish for Top of The Rock

Top of the Rock. One of my favorite things to do in the world. I wish they sold annual memberships. 


NYC Tourist Trap Tip

Take a tour on the first day of vacation to get a crash course of the city. 
Take notes of everything that seems interesting. 
Go back and explore in depth.
It's weird to say, because I always felt sorry for people taking tours whether it be on a bus, boat, or foot.
They always seem to be zooming past the best stuff and stopping at the worst.  
But I get it now. 
My parents treated us to an afternoon on the Circle Island Cruise
While I had been to most of the places the tour guide mentioned, 
he peeked my curiosity for Roosevelt Island
It's now on my list.
Have you ever been pleasantly surprised on a tour? Most are lame!
Have you ever written/read an entire blog post using center justification? Most are lame!
This is not Roosevelt Island. I think it's Downtown Manhattan.
 Although I don't know for sure. I wasn't taking notes. 
C is for Columbia University. Teenagers jump off this 100 ft cliff! Mine better not. 
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