Roof Top Dilemma

Cloud City on the roof of the Met
Half of the apartments in my building get unobstructed views of the Hudson River and the sunset. The other apartments get views of an alley and pay a trillion dollars less. Or more depending on the size. The disparity is insane. We, of course, live on the alley side.

I'm always trying to sneak a peek as the people on the other side come out of their front door.  The back lighting is amazing on the top of their heads as the door shuts behind them. Angelic. Like him:
The roof is the great leveler. There we all get to enjoy the same amazing view, the same sky, the same fresh air. The only problem? It's only opened for a few hours on 4th of July. The rest of the year there's an alarm and two huge security cameras on the door leading to the roof. It's so annoying. Especially for rule followers like myself.

Do you have roof access? It should be a given in NYC. There's so much usable space up there. It's green! Some of my favorite rooftops: Harlem, the Met (pictured here), Lincoln Center.

Just found: This amazing book about New York's hidden skyline! (thanks Abbey)
And finally, the view from my roof:


  1. Your roof top view makes it worth it to me!

  2. Happy 4th!:)
    You should totally have the people in your building sign a petition to open up the rooftop for all of the great holidays throughout the year (make a few holidays up too...like Amazing Rooftop Day & Mary Poppins Day:) It would be so cool to go up there on New Years Eve, Christmas Eve (you could call it "Find Santa in the Night Sky"),and much,much more:)Haha:)

  3. That is a gorgeous view! I agree though, in NYC rooftop access should be a given. I know someone with an apartment in Manhattan and even though the view is pretty much surrounded by other buildings, it is still amazing!



  4. I wish I had a rooftop I could use!!

  5. Sad! We used to go up there all the time. I guess they've gotten a bit more strict. Lame!

  6. Cloud City is so cool. By far one of the most unique art experiences I've seen.

  7. wow!!! what a rooftop, I wish I had used this rooftop. thanks for sharing this post with us..


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