Inwood Hill Park: A Walk in the Woods

We went to the top of Manhattan to check out Inwood Hill Park. I loved the wild trees mixed with endless paved paths, trash cans, open fields with freshly mowed grass, and an abundance of park rangers teaching archery no less. It all came together to be a magical outdoor exsperience.  

Whenever I do stuff like this I think about people who truly love the great outdoors. As a gauge, I think of this guy:
this photo cracks me up. 
Our friend Jared. My kids aptly nicknamed him "The Fun Guy". Every once in a while, his wife Liz mentions his crazy adventures in her blog. This post (pictured above) about their trip to a remote part of the Grand Canyon is a mild example.   I assume parks like Inwood Hill must drive him bonkers. Actually, not so much the parks, but people like me who come here and gush about feeling at peace with nature while walking in the trees and wildlife. I'll have to ask him.  

While I still prefer the over populated and landscaped Central Park to Inwood Hill, I found it to be a fun escape. I might even go back someday to camp under the stars and the 75,000 cars crossing the Henry Hudson Bridge. I'll sleep like a baby.
Oscar lagged behind until we put him in charge and called him the Park Stranger.
Nothing like a power trip to perk a kid up!  
Flip Flops: The best hiking shoes. 
 Photo Dump after the Jump.

Cheese-It Rations
A hat put to good use. 
Whenever Rob gets a camera, he always starts by saying, "Ok, look at me! Everyone smile!"
Look at my face.
I'm right about to turn around and snap, "Rob, don't say that! It ruins it. Just take a picture of the moment!" haha


  1. The cheese-it rations pictures looks like Jared at the Grand Canyon. ha!

    1. hahah i didn't notice that. you're totally right. perhaps oscar will someday turn into the fun guy after all.

  2. I love your dress! Where's it from?

  3. gorgeous photos-well apart from your husbands..oppps! :)

  4. awwww yeeaaahh made the blog. whether i'm doing sexy photo shoots in the grand canyon(above) or brokebackin' it w rob in the sierra, i love me some MILF(Mother nature I Like to have Fun in).

    re: inwood park - I don't get driven bonkers; i do however think every place has its strong points...NYC's strong point is not open space. Just as I wouldn't go to say Vernal, Utah for great restaurants, conversation and to experience the height of culture, I wouldn't travel to NYC to partake in their relatively feeble offerings of solitude.

    one of my favorite quotes is something like 'i will spend my life living in cities and missing the mountains, and living in mountains and missing the cities'.

    Both places are wonderful and necessary and awesome and sometimes you're in the city and need some space and inwood park is all there is so it's fine for what it's for but yeah if i see you w trekking poles and a backpack in inwood park you're gonna get pointed at.

    --fun guy over and out

  5. love Ellas dress. love your dress!

  6. My dad always did the "look at me and smile" photos! It's such a shame to not capture the candid moments

  7. Love your dress! Where's it from?

  8. Hahaha...Park Stranger:)

  9. hahaha love this post. reasons why: your boys are so super skinny like my boys - and yet they eat like champions, i love the stripey socks with the natives, i love the lagging behind ' i don't wanna walk' and the great parenting trick of diverting him, i love how your husband takes pics like mine does - wants us all to smile sweetly and put our arms around each other when really, how often do we smile like that at anyone?!?

  10. For New Yorkers, Inwood Hill Park IS the Grand Canyon of Manhattan. In a city of 8 million, this gem of a park is a rare escape from the hustle and bustle of this busy metropolis. Not to mention, the Grand Canyon isn't a few subway stops away. We love Inwood Hill Park & we're glad that you do as well!


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