Fake Grass on Pier 25 in Tribeca

Whenever I see fake grass, I feel like I'm living in the real life version of The Lorax movie. In NYC we manufacture our grass in factories! It's the only way to keep the dog shiz off it! Run around in bare feet without fear! If only Oscar wasn't such a purest. Really bums him out. Jackson and Walker and Ella don't seem to mind.
 Our favorite synthetic field can be found on Pier 25 in Tribeca.
Also noteworthy: It has views of the Statue of Liberty. Very tiny though. 
More pictures after the jump. 
Have a good weekend!
Again with the medals? He must be overcompensating for something. 


  1. so, i have several clients in phoenix that have fake grass in the backyard. these are tiny backyards, but i guess fake grass is all the rage there. you don't have to water it, but it's still green and soft for kids. i wonder what my neighbors would say if i replaced my 1/3 acre with astroturf...ha ha.

  2. Fake grass! I so wish my husband had let me buy that instead of us trying to grow The Real Stuff for the past 8 months. I just can't think why it won't want to grow in our tiny, shaded, backyard in the UK, with no sun at all to help it on its way. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hahaha:) The metals...LOVE IT!:) Follow your dreams,Little O!!!:)

  4. I'd never have thought to use fake grass anywhere other than a tennis court or perhaps football pitches, I guess it will stay looking clean and green though. Perhaps a bit like an outdoor rug?


  5. I just realized I'm 30 and I've never run through grass barefoot (there may be stickers in it! Oh, and I was a bit of a princess growing up). I think I must try this sometime. Fake grass does sound best, even though it sounds like our society is taking a horrible downturn. Idiocracy, here we come!

  6. Sounds like a good place for kids to play in!Love the smiles on their faces!I never thought about the fake grass is good or not.But I think it must has so merits.

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  11. Great idea. I will try this for my next time. Keep sharing it for me !


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