My Role as a Mother: Making it All Better

i look pissed in the middle shot, but i promise i'm not :) haha

Still, almost five years later, and my job continues to revolve around comforting my boys. Owen looks so fragile here. I love how he's holding me so tight.  I don't know what made my friend Steuart snap these photos, but I'm glad she did. She captured a moment between me and Owen that I find so enduring. He was crying because he got hit in the eye by some plastic toy at the playground, and I was trying my best to make it all better.

When Owen cries after he gets hurt, I've learned to first sooth him by rubbing and tickling his back. And finally making him laugh usually brings him out of it.  Do you find that your kids have their own unique soothing method? It's so great to finally figure it out, although it doesn't always work.

The last picture I'm making fun of the guy standing next to us that was dressed in a crazy plaid shirt and plaid hat just to distract Owen and make him laugh. It wasn't working. Apparently fashion humor is lost on 4-year-olds.  Eventually Owen felt better despite my efforts to make him laugh and ran on his way.

Love that boy.  


  1. i love learning about my boy. lately i've been rubbing his belly when he wakes up in the middle of the night instead of nursing him. he kind of moans, sighs and falls back asleep. it's the cutest.

  2. my heart melts seeing these photos... precious!

  3. aww. My daughter usually wants me to hug her, and I MUST kiss whatever body part hurts. And then I ask her if she wants a kiss and she ends up kissing me. Sometimes, I just have to let her cry it out, not more than a few minutes usually.

  4. In the middle shot you look like sad because he is suffering, but all the moments are perfect between mother and son, soc cute you are, thanks to sharing with us,

  5. "thanks for sharing" is better, I think, I'm not sure, sorry ::)) clara

  6. My mum would make me stop crying by giving me a mirror, I was terribly vain as a child and would stop after seeing my face all swollen!

  7. I teach sixth grade, and that is definitely the last year when boys' first response is crying, as opposed to getting angry or mouthing off. I find it unbelievably endearing.

  8. i love your point, miss k! so sweet:)

    Aja Lake
    the gold hat.

  9. So tender and sweet. What a great feeling to know that you are the one who can make him feel better :) My little boy is almost 6 months and he's started looking for mommy when other people pick him up (I secretly love that) :)

  10. I think we as mothers always want to make it all better,,,,,no matter how big our babies are!
    My twins are 19 and I always want to make it better.
    sweet images.

  11. This is beautiful. I have a little boy who is 21 months now and I love comforting him and feeling needed when he's down. As a toddler he's getting hurt on something almost daily so the comforting is kind of non stop...this is a weird question, but did your friend Steuart ever work at a PR firm called Magnetcom? I only met a female Steuart once and it was when I interned there. No need to reply if not!


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