Governors Island Summer 2012

(Tip toeing across Lady Liberty's forehead.)
After an incredibly wishy washy morning of lounging around, watching TV, and asking each other over and over, "What should we do today? We should do something. It's so nice out," we finally decided on Governors Island.  It's one of my favorite summer activities.

I love that it doesn't have to be an all day production. It was 2pm when we finally made up our minds to go. The island closes at 7pm, so even though we got there at 3ish, we still had plenty of time for fun without over doing it. Plus, the weather had cooled down and most of the people had gone home. It was perfect.

Most importantly, we still had time to order ice cream from a Mister Softee Truck. Of all things, Ella ordered a snow cone, Oscar chose Sponge Bob with bubblegum eyes, and Owen picked Sonic with bubble gum eyes. They totally ignore the fact that Mr. Softee makes the best soft served ice cream in the world. I even offer to sprulge on getting their cones dipped! Cherry, Chocloate, even Blue Mystery flavor! Anything! Please pick something without bubble gum eyes! Blank stares. Mr.Softee is totally wasted on them. Might as well be a 7/11.

Beyond ice cream, I love the sculptures and art found through the island. This year includes 1/1 ratio of the Statue of Liberty's face and a gathering of crazy red chairs, among other things. There's also a donation golf course that is so visually interesting. We noticed it too late (closes at 6pm) so we couldn't play. I didn't take any pictures of the course because perhaps I'll go back and do a post about it later?

There's only so much picture taking I can take in one day before I start to drive my family bonkers. I'd already shot a bunch of butterfly pics and then Lady Liberty became my next obsession.  Enough is enough. But isn't the sculpture fabulous? I love the perspective and statement of standing and jumping off of the Statue of Liberty's nose. What does it allllll mean?
(Hot punk rock dudes in the background. Something for everyone at Governor's Island.)
Hope you have a very deep weekend filled with a mix of sculptures, punk rockers, family, and islands. Really does make for a great day.


  1. ha! 'something for everyone', you made my morning :)

  2. Haha, you had me smiling the whole time. Sounds like a wonderful day! Fascinating too, because before reading your blog, I would never have even known about this place!


  3. You are a riot! So wish I lived in NYC

  4. the guys in the background cracked me up lol

  5. I love Governors Island. But not as much as I love Mister Softee. My son used to always get the Sponge Bob with black bubble gum eyes and then chew them a bit and ask if he can spit it out. Usually into my hand. Sigh. I miss those days.

  6. Governor's Island! Feel like I never remember I want to go until someone mentions it and I think, "I have to remember that for next time!" So thanks for sparking the fire with that one. I should put an alarm on my phone or something....

  7. Its such a different place than it was when I lived on the island... but its nice to see plenty of people enjoying it!

  8. Yesssssssss to Mister Softee ice cream. I am glad I am not the only one.


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