A Drug Store Birthday: 8 Gifts I Shamelessly Gave My Husband

My husband Rob always says not to make a big deal about his birthday. And that he doesn't need any presents. But that didn't stop me this year. One quick stop to CVS, and I found some real gems to give him. Things that he was delighted to receive and has been using ever since (albeit one). It's been weeks, and I'm still gloating it was his best birthday ever.

The Gifts:

1. Wart Remover. Still unused.
2. Funfetti Cake Mix. Nailed it!
3. A Fresh Stick of Deodorant
So thoughtful.
4. The Best Tweezers EVER. Already lost!
5. A Plastic Bottle of Coke. Classic. 

6. Cheap After Shave. The scent is titled: Energy! ha
7.  A New Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor. The only one with a fancy gold handle!
8.  And after the jump: 
A gift for both of us from the wild side of CVS.


  1. This is the perfect gift guide! It's my boyfriend's birthday today and boyyy, is he going to be happy with this gift selection. (Not a lie) Particularly numbers 5,7, and dare I say 8? ;)

  2. Haha, you are so hilarious. "Pin it. I dare you."

  3. THANK you for the laugh today!!! Love your sense of humor!!!


  4. And to think I am getting my boyfriend some books I have searched hours for on amazon to find stuff he will like and an ipad...

    Just hoping this is a joke, you know like the episode of Friends where Chandler and Joey get gifts for everyone as the gas station !

    1. hahahahah yes--I really did wrap and give all these things to my husband :)

  5. Omg I just started cackling in my cube at work. You are so....real. I love it.

  6. Oh Sharon, you dirty bird! I love it!!

  7. I love Dave Barry! As for the vibrating ring... my husband and I got something like that from my sister for my bachelorette party. We just laughed at it; it seems so improbable and we've never been able to use it seriously. Report back... if you dare!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  9. Love it. That made my day. Thanks so much Sharon, I'm def. will be looking into this list LOL

  10. Haha this is great. My mom has totally pulled the CVS gift routine on me before, obviously minus the fabulous #8. Get it! Loving your blog!

  11. I went home to California and brought back to Sweden my husband some real gifts like new shoes but one was a new stick of deodorant and I swear he loved it more then the "real" presents!

  12. Father's Day is just around the corner, thanks Sharon!

  13. Awesome idea! Someone needs to collect great ideas like this and give for baby shower gifts, before it's too late!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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