Cleaning House: Nobody Can Do Everything

Love this picture, but my dirty TV screen in the background drives me bonkers! 
There's a Mr. Rogers episode where he tells the kids, "Nobody can do everything". For example, he doesn't know how to whistle. However, his friends are really good at it and this delights him. By the end of the show, Mr. Rogers explains that while he can't whistle, he's good at cleaning up. He then tidies up his kitchen.

I just watched the episode with my kids last night before bed. It got me thinking.

Turns out, I'm not good at whistling or cleaning. That's ok. Whistling and cleaning aren't part of my job requirements as a stay-at-home mom.  Oh wait. Half of that is true. Cleaning is sort-of my job. 

Since my husband Rob works really long hours, most of the house keeping chores get put on me. Problem is, I think making beds is a complete bore.  Dusting is the last thing on my (fictional) to-do list. My dishes are cleaned as needed. As a result, most of the time my house is a mess. 

That is, until we have friends coming over. You should see Rob and me scrabble to get to house in order. When the pressure is on, we work as a great team! But it takes all day long to get our apartment looking good. Remember the time I had an impromtu playdate? Yikes. 

Rob has been asking me for years to get a cleaning service. The problem is, he always asked on the days when our apartment was the messiest.  I would get so defensive! Do you know what I've done today?! I'm exhausted! I don't need a cleaning service! I can do everything!  The house is fine anyway. 

So last Saturday when someone from My Clean came over to my house (for my review), I was excited, but didn't think I would use their services again after my comp'd cleaning. I thought it would be a nice one time thing. Ha! I get it now. 

As I was getting ready for the cleaning person to come, I purged a lot of my junk that was filling my house and making it so messy.  I organized all the toys in correct bins. I cleaned out from under my bed. I did not sweep and mop the floors. I didn't dust and scrub the counters. I didn't vacuum. I knew that all that (and more!) was going to be done for me. 

And it was! The woman who cleaned my house was amazing. My house has never looked better. Making the appointment was super easy online, rescheduling was super easy, and now that my credit credit card is on file, it was simple to set up future appointments. They also have a rewards system in place, so eventually I'll get a free cleaning. Yay! I called costumer service twice and each time an actual person picked up the phone and answered my questions without putting me on hold. Got to love that these days.   

I realized now I was in complete denial all these years when I told my husband I didn't need help around the house.  I thought that as a SAHM, signing up for a cleaning service meant I'm wasn't doing my job well. Turns out, in that aspect, I wasn't! I'm good at making my kids an awesome breakfast, taking them out on adventures, and reading them stories. Cleaning? No.

Do you like to clean? Do you have a cleaning service? Has it changed your life?

I liked my experience with My Clean so much, I've already scheduled future appointments.  If you live within Manhattan, Brooklyn or the Bronx and would like to give My Clean a try, use coupon code SqueakyClean to receive 30% off your first cleaning service.  I recommend it. 

Photo By Keith Pitts


  1. i think having someone come and clean was one of the best things we could have done. i too am a sahm and at first felt a bit guilty...then i realized oh i get to enjoy my time with my child AND i get to enjoy my down time too since i don't have to spend it running around like a mad woman dusting and vacuuming, dare i say sometimes i just sit and read a magazine :) so good for you and enjoy every minute of it!

  2. I really wish I could get a cleaning service, maybe not regularly, but once in a while it would be awesome. I'm a sahm too and my husband doesn't usually say anything, but I still feel guilty. He's still trying to expand his business and I left my (well-paying) job for this sahm gig. It's worth living on a budget, but that budget is tiny.

  3. The coupon code says not found.. any idea why?

    1. Hi Angie! Yes, sorry about that! They gave me the wrong code. Try this instead: SqueakyClean

  4. Hello Sharon from Madrid :-) I do not have kids nut both, my husband and me work from 9 to 18! No time for cleaning and weekends are mine!! I have one person coming to our appartment once a week, three or four hours. Then all we have to do is try to keep it clean.

    The best money I have ever spent!!

  5. I should really really do this. for some reason, the idea of hiring someone to clean makes me feel lazy...which is silly! It would open up more time to do other things that I would certainly enjoy more!

  6. Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens, and HAPPY KIDS!!!!

  7. I'm a neat freak, as is my husband, but we both work 40-60 hours a week. I work from home, but I'm working at my desk - on the computer and on calls. We were literally just talking about hiring a cleaning service to come in once a week so that we didn't have to spend our weekends cleaning the house. I can't wait. I think it's refreshing to read a blog from a SAHM where you admit not being able to do everything and you don't make apologies for it. I think a lot of the blogs try too hard to be super mom and everyone else gets these ideas in their heads that so-and-so online can do it, so can I. So, thank you. :)

  8. I think because I grew up working class that I resisted a cleaning lady for a long long time. I felt guilty - that it was something that I should be doing. I finally gave in and am so happy. Free time for my daughter and for me! She won't remember me cleaning the bathroom but she will remember me making art and playing with her.

  9. My mom had a cleaning lady growing up (we're not rich by any means), so cleaning is just something I never learned to do (but I do wish I had been taught some of these things!). I LOVE Armanda, my cleaning lady! I live alone have a tiny budget, so it does seem silly, but.... I really, really hate cleaning. She only comes 1x month and it's perfect for me! It forces me to pick up my shoes and do the pre-clean (things I don't want her wasting her time on). Also, is there anything better to coming home to the smell of pine sol? I say not.

  10. Sharon, I'm so happy for you! If cleaning isn't something you enjoy, getting some help is really the way to go! I moved to Brazil a last year and it's really interesting that the guilt is really an American thing. Because here mothers (or women, in my case) aren't expected to do it all. As my (Brazilian) husband put it one day when I was feeling guilty for not doing my wifely duties, "I didn't marry you to iron my shirts Katie", to which I thought, "He's right, because a house cleaner (here they wash, iron, clean, cook, whatever want!) here is Brazil would have been much cheaper!" :) So needless to say we have help, and it's the only way to go in my opinion!

  11. I lived in the Philippines and it was unethical NOT to hire a housekeeper. Ever since I have been back I am broken as a housewife. I have no interest in deep cleaning and I am glad to pay. I think it is money well spent Sharon.

  12. Hi Sharon,

    I'm a little ashamed to say... I LOVE cleaning! Seriously. I spent my Spring break cleaning my apartment from top to bottom. The thing is, since I have no kids, I worry that I won't be able to let go of my neat-freakness when the time comes. That I'll prevent fun for the sake of avoiding a mess. Maybe I should already anticipate getting a cleaning lady when I'm at that point in life, so that I can not worry about it and just have fun.

  13. I'm spent my time in a week to cleaning.I like cleaning very much and I feel so happy with cleaning.

  14. As I mentioned on your other post, we hired a cleaning person several months after our third was born and things were just completely disgusting, with no time in sight to do anything about it. With three little ones, it's wonderful to be able to leave the house and let someone else clean while we are gone, and it is nice to have a very motivating reason to get all the crap off the floor and put things away once in a while. And I tell my kids, you can clean up those toys, or the cleaning woman can, and I'll tell her to donate them on her way home. Very motivational.

  15. Seeking help for an apartment cleaning service is a good idea for those who barely have the time to clean in their homes but have some money to spare. Ideally, though, I would want to clean my own apartment because I can be creative about it especially when I know I get to decorate it as well.

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  20. So, Your a stay at home Mom and you don't clean? You want to hire a cleaning crew to do it.What is it that you do all day? Watch T.V? If I was your husband your lazing no good ass would've been out on the street years ago.

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