Bridge Running

Good old Punta Gorda Bridge. Confession: I once made out on this bridge! ha 
Marathon training is full force. Not even this heatwave is going to stop me! Ran six miles this morning and plan on running 11 miles this weekend. So far so good.

The heat reminds me of when I first started running in Florida when I was 18. I used to love running over the Punta Gorda Bridge. Bridge running is my favorite. It's just enough incline and relief to keep it manageable. When I moved to San Francisco, I would drive across town just to run the Golden Gate Bridge. Miss that. Have you ever walk/ran across an amazing bridge? Or at least made out on one? Where should I go?

I haven't run any bridges since moving to NYC, but I look forward to running across the Verrazano Bridge for the marathon. I hope when I'm crossing it, I'm not thinking: Urine urine urine!

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  1. Way to go!! Running in NYC opens your eyes to so many new open spaces!! You must run the Brooklyn Bridge. It gets crowded during peak hours (midday-sunset) but there's nothing better than an early morning run to Brooklyn and back. (Also love the 6 mile Central Park loop and Hudson River Park from the 100s all the way down to World Trade). Run girl run!!

  2. urine, urine, urine! ahh-so true though. Men have it easy though, unfair. My biggest worry for long runs (and i have never done a marathon) is the toliet issue. Even on weekend long runs of 16km ish-I go to the toliet like 3 times before I leave.(Just sharing)-so exciting you are doing the marathon

  3. So nice to meet you/see you at the lunch today. I thought the conversation was really thought-provoking and real. And I just adored your "bedtime reading" anecdote :)

    So impressed that you are training for a marathon. I wish I loved running, but just not sure it's in the cards. And I am a big fan of the bridge metaphor... of traveling from here to there, passing over water... Happy to have found your blog! We should trade NYC life stories at some point.

  4. Good luck Sharon! That's awesome you are running a marathon. And actually this post is apropos, I just ran/ walked across our causeway bridge this morning, was nice and breezy, although much smaller than the Punta Gorda bridge pictured above. ;)


  5. Oh wow! That's great you are going to run the marathon! Could you do a mile or two for me please?

    Good Luck!

    Also - I'm talking about you on TerraSavvy today!

  6. I am ALSO running the NYC Marathon - hope you're training is going well!


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