4 Summer Essentials for Kids

One of these days I'll install Photoshop onto my computer and bust out product collages. Until then, I'll parade my kids around town like show horses and take pictures of them wearing my favorite products. Smile kids! Say cheese. Look happy and candid. NOW! 

(Did you know you can use your kid's student id (kindergartner's count!) to get Photoshop for 80% off? Proof. So tempting. . .)
Here's my favorite summer products for kids in the city. 
(Featuring items we actually bought and own!) 
2. Burt's Bees Sunscreen. Chemical Free! 
3. Native Slip-On Shoes  I'm spotting them all over the city. They are the perfect marriage of Converse and CrocsBut be warned: Natives gave little Owen and Oscar's baby skin the worst blisters on their heals. Ella didn't get any for some reason. Oscar's blisters have healed and he's been wearing his shoes again. Owen hasn't worn his Natives since these pictures were taken (last Friday!) because his blister is still healing. It was a doozy.   
4. Anything American Apparel Kids. Most of these Alphabet T's  are only $4! Or even $2! 

Click on for more pictures of our sidewalk chalk adventure. Plus, the moment poor Owen's blister bursts  . . .

pop goes the weasel
Mom! Look!
Concerned bro, unconcerned mom (I just take pics pic pics!) 


  1. Those are way cuter than crocs! My kids wear flip flops a lot. Sometimes we'll be out and Lance will be doing some crazy dance moves and one will fly off. haa

    1. haha i can totally picture that !!

    2. And he'll keep on doing his wild dance moves, shoeless, until I remind him to put his shoes back on.

  2. P.S. I love Oscar's face in the second picture, Mr. Cool. hahaa Do all of them wear the same size now?

  3. I love Burt's Bees sunscreen; we've been using it for over 3 years and not a burn yet!!

  4. Cute shoes (and everyone seems to have them!), but I have to say I have the same reaction to them that I do to crocs....plastic shoes = blisters. And just, well...more plastic stuff for our landfills. sigh.

  5. I've been wondering about these shoes.. thanks for the honest review! I have a pair of knock off Natives that I got from BabyGap a few months ago for like $5 and he loves them, but I've wondered about the blisters. I really wanted to get a pair for my husband, but wouldn't your feet get warm in rubber? Anyone worn them for adults? They do look super cool though ;)

    And thanks for the tip for Photoshop!


  6. Oh wow, much better than the dreaded crocks! Getting them now x3 for my trio.

    Louisa (bestof2sisters)

  7. american apparel kids clothes are too cute, i still need to get atticus the baby cardigan. its so ridiculously cute. clearly, he needs it.


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