Workout with Dara Torres

Last week I had the opportunity to worked out with Dara Torres.  She's the amazing swimmer who competed in the Olympics FIVE times and is training for her sixth right now. She'll be 45. Not only that, but she's also mother! So inspiring. She was in NYC to promote Bengay.

I wasn't familiar with Torres until the 2008 Olympics. Her story grabbed me. It was awesome to watch a 41-year-old mother continue to follow her passions.  It's so easy for me to get lost in my kids lives and forget about my dreams. It's a balance I struggle with daily. I'm sure she does too (anyone happen to read her memoir from 2009?)

I've learned that my family runs really well when I'm 100% committed to cleaning, laundry, cooking, and meeting all my kids needs. The pile of dirty clothes isn't hitting the ceiling, the house doesn't smell like piss, the kid's toys are in the right bins. It feels really good to take care of everything for everyone. But I also love to sneak in and take up some of the time for my passions.  Something has to give in that case, usually in that same order: cleaning, laundry, cooking, and meeting all my kids needs. I've come to the simple conclusion that I need my passions to cover the cost of a cleaning lady and personal chef!

I loved meeting Dara. Getting a boost to follow my dreams was worth the trouble of getting to the East Side of Manhattan! Took forever. Who are the women you seek out when you need a boost?

  Hmmmm. Now what company do you think Dara is promoting? Take a wild guess . . .
After the jump is a five minute clip of her answering questions. She gives some great advice about fitness (cardio vs. weight training) and her struggle to keep motivated. I took it will my iPhone. 



  1. Sharon - You're looking good!! D

  2. her arms are amazing...aswell as her motivation and balance in life...obviously!

  3. I love how you go to these presentations.. and share them with us. I just reserved her book at the library, she sounds cool.

  4. It IS hard to balance all of it being what I call, "Dobby the house elf". And I mean that in a good way! Everything DOES run better being fully committed to it all but then we all run ourselves down. And doesn't fitness go first?!!!

    1. haha YES!! i forgot about fitness! yes that's what goes first. :)

  5. so jealous! she's inspires me too!


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