Staten Island Zoo

Last Tuesday I went to the Staten Island Zoo with Oscar's pre-k class. I'm not really a fan of zoos in general, but this one wasn't so bad. It's tiny, yet has plenty of farm animals, reptiles and fish to make me happy.  The pony ride was the highlight for Oscar. He went twice!


  1. The pony ride is my niece's favourite in the zoo as well. And two trips are not enough for her:-D
    I just read the post you linked to about zoos. I can highly recommend that you fly across the ocean and visit Copenhagen Zoo. A part of it is made to resemble a farm - with horses, cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens. And it's very educational - there are presentations during the day where the kids learn about the animals and see where milk and eggs come from.

  2. so cute! I feel the same way about zoos- I am no PETA, but it just doesn't seem right to me.

  3. awww, his little face there is so cute!!! carina, the copenhagen zoo sounds amazing. denmark sounds just all-around awesome.

  4. your children have the cutest expressions!

  5. Staten Island usually gets a bad reputation (thanks to low budget reality shows, sadly)
    It is a beautiful, clean, family oriented borough.
    The Children's Museum is very cool and the Tibetan Museum is a hidden treasure, the Alice Austen Museum on the water, tons of clean beaches and the best pizza in the world (Joe and Pats)
    If you drive there it's like twenty minutes from Tribeca.

  6. So happy to read how Oscar enjoyed our Zoo and his ride on Trudy. We very much love our Ponies and enjoy spreading happiness to the children who have the opportunity to ride. Thank you for your patronage. Hope to see you again!
    Stephanie of First Place Ponies, Inc .


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