Quick Thought about NYC

I'm feeling overly romantic about New York City after last weekend. Front row seats to War Horse (only $30!), meeting up with friends at South Seaport, a birthday party for Toby in Battery Park, the perfect weather.

Thank you Rob for dragging me out of San Francisco. You were right, I do love it. And Happy Birthday to you. I'm so glad to celebrate it with you in NYC, the best backdrop a birthday could have!

I've shown this clip before here (love that post). It's one of my favorite clips to watch when I'm in one of these NYC lovey dovey moods. Enjoy. Again!

thanks for the photo joanna :)


  1. That is such a coincidence, last night I was showing my roomie this clip! She is about to move out from our SF apartment and move to NYC! I'll miss her, but I get it. I love the bay area though and will probably only leave for vacations : )

  2. i have never seen that film-but love the start

  3. Sharon! Thank you for sharing this video. It's PERFECT. I am moving to NYC this July from So-Cal. I have no plans when I get there except to live, to take in everything the city has to offer. It's something I've been dreaming of doing all my life and now that I'm done with school, I'm doing it. Can't wait.

  4. I just got back from NYC. Being born & raised in Las Vegas, it was truly quite a difference! :) One day I hope to live there at least for a year, but having read this post I wonder If I would ever want to leave! :)

    Thank you for blooging about my favorite city.
    Just know you inspire this young gal from Vegas to do big things! :)



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