Instagram: Last One to the Party

“Playing school at school afterschool”
I finally started using Instagram. I'm always a little weary of new forms of social media. It takes me about a year (sometimes more: Twitter!) to warm up to them. It was just last week that I was complaining to my friends about Instagram's interface. I found it so confusing. And I am sooo bored of filters that make photos look like their from the 60's or 70's.  I've been guilty of using them in the past, but it's getting old now. 

It wasn't until Rob took the boys on vacation that I learned the greatness of Instagram. I looked forward to seeing their current adventure, seconds after it happened. By the time they got home, I was hooked. But I swore never to use a tacky filter, until I found myself using a tacky filter. I couldn't resist.

Do you use Instagram? What do you like about it? What have I missed out on? Do the filters drive you bonkers, too? If you want, follow me @sharonbeesley. I have 7 pictures! ha
“Inside this beautiful building is .... A Home Depot!”
My first Instagram ever!!
After the jump: The awful picture my much cooler/funny brother-in-law commented: Nice try Sharon. You should really just stick to blogging. 

I admit it's bad, but come on! Give me a chance! I just started! 
“Picking me kids up in the tackles workout clothes. Mesh!”


  1. haha! those first few insta-photos are pretty funny :) agree!! - already bored with the filters and it's only been 3 months! @brooklynjackson

  2. i JUST joined instagram too. no shame my friend. no shame.

  3. I really like it. It's easier than Twitter and smaller than Facebook and quicker than blogging. Although I have to be careful that it doesn't turn solely into a pet-stagram. I love sharing pictures of things I see while on walks, and I love how some of the filters can lighten up a photo just enough if it was too dark to get a good shot.@karamore

  4. great photo.
    i like it.
    happy weekend for you !!

    my artwork

  5. I really have to try Instagram. I know exactly what you are talking about - I have my Shake It photo app on the Iphone and overused that. But I am really impressed by the photos I see people post on Instagram. I think you may have inspired me to take the plunge!

  6. I come from a different perspective since I work in photoshop daily as a designer/art director. I was mad at instant ram since it cheapened what I am trained to do manually, in a way. I still won't use for that reason ;) I think the fad will fade at some point. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. But like you said, I too stay away from filters as much as I can. If I do use them, it's very subtle. I like to let the strength of a photo rest on lighting and composition.

  7. still never tried Twittwe or 'Pinning' - or instagram-although I want to-but I think you need a fancy phone for this...so it may have to wait. There will be something else next..and then, no more time to read.

  8. I am the SAME way about social media! I won't join a new social media network until people are literally begging me to because EVERYONE is on it. It saves me a lot of time from testing out new platforms that don't last. :)

  9. Instagram? Am I really missing out? I got off Facebook about a year ago. People are shocked when I say I don't do Facebook, but I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did!:) I often wonder if there will ever be a trend to live a completely 100% Organic & All Natural & "Green" lifestyles in our generation... Where people eat organic foods, grow their own gardens,make their clothes with Organic fibers, only talk to people "in person", make their own crafts, write with paper & pencils, solar cars,cash only, draw/paint pictures, build their own furniture, develop their own film, write on chalkboards,Holistic doctors, herbal medicine/vitamins/teas,read books,mail letters,etc....I think this would make an interesting reality show:)

    1. yes you are missing out!! :) plus your R would be out of a job without technology :)

    2. Technology is totally here to stay!:)
      I still think it would be a cool reality show to select a group of people and put them back in an environment where there are no microwaves,no home computers,etc. for a period of time and see how they addapt to their "new lifestyle"...don't you think?:)

  10. too funny... i just posted on my own blog about how i want to find another free/cheap/easy photo-editing software, because i'm not ready to make the commitment to (read: investment in-)photoshop. i like instagram, tho it gets really old really fast, because there aren't that many filters. i really like picnik on facebook, but they took it away for some crazy reason.

  11. I finally started this weekend, on a family trip. I remembered this post and came back to it. I feel like I've joined the Dark Side, and like it. I have so many good photos in the past, but how much more fun is it to have people actually see them? I love that it makes people be selective. No dumping. I see myself leaving FB. This is clearly where the party is. :)


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