Friends with Style: Shayla

Do you have a friend that you absolutely adore their style? Shayla's mine. I love that I can't pinpoint exactly where she buys her clothes. She's told me it's a mix of thrift stores and Etsy and good luck.  

I always find myself at the standards like Gap, JCrew, Anthro, Urban Outfitters, and Madewell because it's so easy to buy clothes there. Those stores always have range of sizes and an easy return policy if I change my mind. But then I always feel so cookie cutter and boring! I love picking Shayla's brain for ideas. 

While I don't think I could pull off high wasted bright orange capris, (it works beautifully on her loooong legs and tiny waist), I think I could pull off the orange/pink/white/grey color combo. I have a long pink skirt (from the Gap! ha). Mix that with my grey t-shirt (from Urban! ha), white shoes, orange lipstick? It works in my head. I'll have to pull it together and see if it works in reality.  

A friend with style is so much more inspiring than fashion magazines or blogs.  The difference is seeing the clothes in real life on real people. I always look forward to seeing and chatting with Shayla once a week! 

Who's your friend with style? Francesco and Nick also make my list of friends with style, male edition. :)


  1. Yup, the real life fashionable friends are the most inspiring. The mags and catalogues I find are aspirational - does anyone live like the day-to-day with errands to run and paid work to go to and kids to run after? But the ones you know in real life who are doing all of the above - priceless!

    I have a few friends who are masters at finding gems in thrift shops. I look and all I find is "ick" - they look and find perfection.

  2. I totally agree with this. I picked up a fashion magazine recently and wasn't inspired at all! The trends just didn't feel right for my lifestyle (busy, hot, lugging my kid around, haha). I love these colors, that orange is amazing, and the bag is super cute too. ;) Do more fashionable friends posts!


  3. She's so pretty. And dude, you're photography on this post is stunning! I'm so impressed with these shots, {and I very, very rarely say that}!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I, obviously, meant "your". Sigh. For a grammar nazi in person, I'm a grammar idiot typing/online. How embarrassing.

  4. Mine is my daughter @ www.lindsaysuejohnson.com She has a great sense of style!

  5. I would have to say my daughter!:) I LOVE her style:) She does the same thing as your friend...she mixes & matches good thrift store finds and different colors/patterns with a sprinkle of luck! I love it!:) She is not afraid what others think. She has her own unique style and I love her for it!:) Somehow she pulls it off each and every time she walks out the door!:)

  6. Ooooh wow, I love her bright pink shoes!! My girlfriend Erin back home (I've moved from Vancouver to Australia, so "back home" is Vancouver) is my girlfriend with amazing style, right down to being able to pull off asymmetrical hair cuts!

  7. her styling is just perfect. some people are just gifted to know exactly how to pair and what to wear. i love it!

  8. I purposefully style myself to not follow trends, I only buy clothes I absolutely love, most of my stuff are finds from the thrift stores, resale shops and sale racks of Anthropologie. Because I shop thrift, I feel shy telling my friends where I get my stuff, I usually say something like "I've had it forever" lol!

  9. I loved it!!!
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  10. I have a pair of pants exactly like that except in blue! Got them at Target for $20 and I'm so in love with them.

    I really like her white blazer, I've been looking for one for a while now and have had no luck at local thrift stores. I'd have better luck at Zara or Madewell, but, like you, I don't want to look cookie cutter.


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