Field Trips Take 3

Every time I go on a field trip, I come back with renewed appreciation for my kid's teachers. Oh my, their job is demanding. I know field trips are more stressful and crazy than a normal classroom day, but still. Taking care of a huge group of students isn't easy even on the most mellow of days. It's a daily production!

Just the kid's untied shoe laces would be enough set me over the top. One time before we got on the bus, I looked down and found around 5 kids with shoe laces flapping in the wind. Down the line I went fixing every one's shoes. It's the small stuff that I'm amazed the teachers have the patience to keep up with.  I don't even want to get into actually teaching a kid how to read! Yikes. 

While I was on Owen's class trip to the Museum of Natural History's Butterfly Exhibit last week, I took some pictures. Much like this post, it in noway captures the essence of the field trip. But who cares. Look at their beautiful wings. It's so peaceful and lovely. Try not to imagine 35+ preschoolers and their crazy shenanigans happening in the background . . . 

And other field trips (with a positive spin!) here and here. 


  1. I love that you can always see the good in things, even when I know things are going crazy around you. You are GREAT!!

  2. I just went on my first daycare field trip yesterday, to the Philadelphia Zoo. Woah! I have never seen it so crowded. I only had to chaperone my own kid, but just being around so many kids makes you appreciate school teachers and the staff at these public institutions.

  3. Teaching is a very rewarding career but they don't get paid enough!:)

  4. Love the Butterfly Conservancy! We took the girl (six years old now) when she was four and it was amazing. So so worth it.

    And yes, being a chaperone for a school trip DOES make you appreciate the teachers. So much patience. It's like herding cats.

  5. Wow! Your photos are amazing! I really need to take more photography lessons!

  6. i love your blog! this is the very first post i have read and i'm hooked!! i am a nyc mother of 3 and was just on a field trip yesterday with your EXACT same thoughts.

    i was at a birthday party today and another chaperone from the field trip said "what did you think of yesterday's field trip?" and i wasn't sure how to answer..the first thing that came out of my mouth was their prek-4 teach is a SAINT. oh my gosh!! they are such angels for doing their job and thank goodness for them b/c i could never, ever have their job!! they must be mentally exhausted always!!

    your photos are beautiful and i'm so excited to follow your blog!!

  7. I always admired the teachers, never understood how the keep calm with all these crazy kids around. I remember my trips with the class, we always wanted to go somewhere without the permission. The only time my teacher was mad about me was when i used custom essay writing company to write one article and she has understood that.


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