The Temporary Tattoo Project Supporting Flying Kites

Aren't these temporary tattoos stunning? Robyn Fukumoto contacted me last week and told me about her charity The Temporary Tattoo Project. I was immediately inspired by it. Here's her story:
Basically, my friend Lauren and I were looking for a relevant way to engage our generation in contributing to a great cause, so we created The Temporary Tattoo Project to benefit Flying Kites, a nonprofit out of Greenpoint that runs a school and orphanage in Kenya.  
We collaborated with six top tattoo artists (five from NYC and one from Hawaii) to create temporary tattoos that are being sold to raise money for Flying Kites’ Child Sponsorship Program and Leadership Academy. Each artist was paired with a child in need of sponsorship who inspired limited edition works of art meant to be showcased on your skin.
I'm excited to announce that they are the featured charity on Groupon this week!  I'm encouraging you to check it out and make a donation if you feel inspired, too. Act fast. Their Groupon ends Sunday! Those who donate $10 will receive a free temporary tattoo.

I think you should order one for your sassy mom for Mother's Day, one for your adventurous dad for Father's Day, or one for your wild child's birthday. You could even buy the whole set of six for your favorite badass family!

Discovering cool projects like this makes me happy. Thanks Robyn for contacting me and sending the tattoos. I think what you're doing is fabulous. Good luck!
And one more of Oscar's fierce lion. It was everyone's favorite!
Have a good weekend! I'm soooo ready for it. Rawr. 


  1. These are great. Would love for me kids. I saw a wonderful little idea on pintrest were kids set up a temporary tatto stand. Like a lemon aid stand but they gave others temp tattoos. Too cute.

  2. These are awesome! I especially love the lion ;)

  3. Such beautiful images! The kite picture would look great in a white frame for a kids room. My little boy is obsessed with kites!

  4. Wow this is so great!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great fundraiser! I like the lion too. Oscars face cracks me up- he thinks he is one tough dude with that tattoo. hahaaa love him!

  6. Fantastic idea for a fundraiser! Who doesn't love a good temporary tatoo? And judging by these pictures I'm sure the event was a great success.

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