New York Botanical Garden: A Year in Review

April marks my one year membership to the New York Botanical Garden. I bought a Family Membership on a whim last spring break. I blame it on love at first sight. I've probably been back around 7 times and with each visit, I've seen something new. Each season brings new blooms, new smells and new exhibits on it's 250 exquisite acres. Here's my experience over the different seasons:

Spring      Summer      Fall       Winter

If you go, I recommend walking through the Conservatory first, then take the 30 minute tram ride around the gardens, and (if you have kids) finish up at the Children's Adventure Garden. That makes for a perfect day.

I also recommend taking the tram and getting off at a random stop. I've done this twice and both times I felt like I was dropped off in my own private backyard garden.  It sounds over dramatic, I know, but it really is amazing. Mostly because it's quite. Maybe I'll see another family or two, but they aren't stepping on my toes. That's what draws me all the way to the Bronx every time. Manhattan can be so suffocating!

The only time the NYBG felt congested was during the Holiday Train Show, but it was worth it. It reminded me of the elaborate model train displays my dad used to set up in our living room at Christmastime. I'm sure if I went earlier in the season, the Train Show wouldn't feel so packed. It's just that this year I waited until the last minute.

Below are the pictures of Monday's trip to the garden.  We started off at the Orchid Show, and then took to the tram to the Family Garden. It didn't open until 1pm, so we played amongst the Flowering Cherries while we waited. There was a lot of wild flower picking, headstands and barefoot running going on.

Thank you Rikshaw Design for outfitting Ella in this seahorse sundress!  Isn't it sweet? Ella picked it! Soft, comfortable, and vibrant. The perfect dress to wear to a garden. Their anchor sundress is super cute, too.  I love Rikshaw's use of block printing. Gives it that imperfectly perfect look I adore. 

7 Pictures of the Family Garden
2 pics of the Orchid Show 
After the jump. 

This hunt is beatuful. It looks haunted. And I mean that as a compliment!
This boat was right next to the hunt. Ella was steering herself to Africa. 
Tons of watering cans for all the kids. Oscar got straight to work. 
Also at the Family Garden are 2 microscopes and plant life for the children to investigate. 
My favorite flowers from the Orchid Show. Ends April 22.


  1. I've been to New York many times, but never to the Botanical Garden - I'm making it a must-do for my trip in a week, thanks to your amazing photos/stories. Thanks so much!

  2. LOVE going to places like this. In Philly we have a handful of nice arboretums/gardens in the area so I never considered an annual membership. Your membership to the BG seems totally worth it though.

    (Great photos too- you're getting good with that camera!)

  3. Beautiful photos - I went through their Continuing Ed program to be certified as a Garden Designer, after which I opened my own business. I would sometimes want to pinch myself that I actually got to GO TO SCHOOL in such a magnificent place - thanks for sharing!

  4. Let's try this again | I adore that dress!

  5. Wow your photos have become SO GOOD! Whatever you are doing, keep it up! :)


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