Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too

Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too is one of the few restaurants we are repeat costumers. Every time I've gone, I feel like I'm eating home cooked food. Such a rarity. I get so disappointed when restaurant food tastes too sterile or too exotic. But not here, they nail it. Soul food at its best! It really shouldn't be any other way. Here's her cookbook if you can't make it to NYC!

We've order just about every fried thing on the Miss Mamie's menu. The fried catfish and chicken are my favorite with collard greens and sweet potatoes on the side. Nothing like that on a sunny NYC day, cold or hot. Just don't ask the waitress to take your picture! Cracked me up when I saw this. I forgot to put the auto focus on for her. I like it anyway. 

I've been spreading the day we went to Miss Mamie's over a couple of posts. We started off at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, headed north toward Harlem Meer, and then west to Miss Mamie's. Fun day in retrospect! Enjoy the map that looks like a kid made it! I would love to blame Ella, but I can't. More of my dazzling graphic skills to come.

Do you have a restaurant you adore and go back to often? Miss Mamie's is ours! Does 5 times count?


  1. That photo is hilarious! I like it too. 5 times definitely counts! It sounds fantastic! Most of the places we go to repeatedly are casual neighborhood spots. We have our favorite pizzaria, thai place, taqueria and diner. We visit them often. Outside of the neighborhood, we have a special Japanese restaurant that we go to at least once a month. I also have a few favorite brunch spots that I visit with my daughter and girlfriends for "ladies only" brunches. And then for a special treat - In n' Out which is my daughter's fave.

  2. Sounds delicious!

    I'm a loyalist to Corner Bistro in the West Village. It never gets old. Always tastes like bacon. The beer is always cheap. And the ambiance (when not crowded after the bars) is awesome.

  3. Every week on our way to Ray's allergy shots we go to this Chick-fila in Sarasota. The outside area is cute with lawn chairs, rocking chairs, flowers, etc. Anyways, it's something we both look forward to each week. Probably like Miss Mamies- nothing over the top, but your family loves it.

    I have fond memories of the Golden Corral as a kid. I haven't been back there since but for some reason I just loved it! Did you? hahaaa

  4. Thank you for sharing this restaurant. The very next time I'm in NYC, I'll be stopping by. I love the home cooked meal with a comfort feel.

  5. Oh my gosh! I love Miss Mamie's! That is one of the first places that Luke and I tried when we first moved here last year. He was dying to try the chicken and waffles and I couldn't get enough mac-n-cheese! You started out close to my neck of the woods on the UES :)

  6. I really love Silver Coin from our previous city and state. I can't find any chicken saag that is that good yet! I have oodles of places to check out in Atlanta, but it's a matter of getting around to them! :) It's hard to find a restaurant for my wee little family because my son has food allergies... we usually have to find a vegan restaurant that also has soy-free options. It's ridiculous! :)

  7. Is the photo blurry on purpose?
    PS Thank you for sharing your favorite restaurants! I love your family! :)

  8. Love Miss Mamie's! It's the only place that I've ever eaten so much that it literally hurt. It hurt so much that we almost took a cab because we couldn't walk. That's bad! But so good... ;) I also love the picture - it's a good memory and a good laugh!

  9. When I was an undergrad in that neighborhood, the rumor was that Clinton (Bill, not Hill) used to go to Miss Mamie's everytime he came into the city. Granted, this must have been pre-heart problems. :)

  10. oh my gosh, we also LOVE miss mami's! side note, they have the best iced tea ever.

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