Growing Up

 I have moments when I can't wait for my kids to grow up. They're always tired. I can't leave them home alone yet. They jump on cereal in the kitchen for fun.

But then I see them begging to go on these dinky rides. Their happiness is unmeasurable when I actually have a quarter.  Suddenly I become acutely aware that I'm seconds away from their childhood being over. I always wonder if this will be the last time they ask to go for a ride.  So I try to enjoy my kids just as they are. One on a blue giraffe. The other two on a green horse.

Then the ride stops. "Please! Again? No more? Why?!," they say, "Aw man! This is the worst day ever!"

And I'm right back where I started.


  1. Great simple post. Always love your honesty! :)

  2. They weren't kidding when they say that life's short... Thanks for the adorable reminder to enjoy every minute of every day!

  3. worst times some times are the best times =)

  4. we all get tired-but atleast they were content long enough to get a good few photos and some big smiles!

  5. Awww..great pics. This reminds me of something that happened the other day. My fam was in our house and then all of a sudden I heard a familiar sound...it was coming closer and closer down our street...Yes!...the ice-cream man!:) The kids ran outside and he had already zoomed down our street...we were too late:( But then a lady with her dog walked past us and she said that she would tell the ice-cream man to come back down our street if she saw him. Sure enough, he came down our street. I started to get all choked up....it was the same old ice-cream truck and guy that I remember seeing when I was little...it was so neat to see my kids in front of me with that same magically look I had when I was a kid:) The ice-cream was still over priced and the man was a little grouchy...but it was all worth it!:)

  6. This is so true! As my youngest (and last!) child races from four years old towards five, I find myself thinking "is this the last time I'll be doing ......" and I find it so sad and wish I could slow down time. Yet other times I catch a glimpse of what life will be like as they get older ( the other day my 7 year old brought the washing in!) and I can see there are also great things ahead. I guess we just have to hang on and enjoy the ride.

  7. Up here in Harlem, there is one of these rides outside a barber shop across Broadway from our apartment. When a kid rides, it plays "its a small world". Cute, except people think it is oh so funny to ride it after a night of drinking. " It's a small world" at 2am?...not as much fun as it sounds.

    Your photos are wonderful!! thanks for sharing as your kids grow up.

  8. omg that captures my day with my little Justice everyday! hahaha


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