Exposure and Lighting Examples And Easter Plans

My friend took these photos of my boys. Such beautiful examples of front lighting (top, Oscar), side lighting (bottom, Owen), and perfect exposure! My goal is to take pictures like this.

Totally unrelated: At a group playdate yesterday, Oscar came up to all the moms and shouted, "Raise your hand if you celebrate Easter. Ok, great. Now raise your hand if you celebrate Passover. Ok, great. If you celebrate Passover you make a plate with food on it. If you celebrate Easter you make a basket with eggs in it." I loved his questionnaire.

We celebrate Easter. Last year we used the melted crayon method to decorate our eggs.  This year I bought these color gels. I heard food coloring achieves really bold colors on the eggs. I'll keep you posted on the results!

Have you decorated your eggs yet? Using an unusual method? I created a Pinterest page of my favorite egg decorating ideas. I love this time of year!


  1. Wonderful pictures. They almost look like professional headshots for theater! Decorating eggs with kids must be so fun...

  2. We paint paper-mâché eggs to keep each year. And for the record, we celebrate both holidays!

  3. Those photos are gorgeous! What handsome boys you have...


  4. Sooooo cute - they are very handsome boys and those pics are beyond gorgeous. I want to take shots like that too! Love the questionnaire too - what a smart lad he is - well balanced - you are doing such a great job.

  5. These are such special pictures of your boys! I would really like to learn to take photos like these.


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