Easter Egg Success

 It worked! I threw a little vinegar, boiling water, and a lot of food coloring in some bowls. No measuring spoons or cups needed to get the brightest Easter eggs ever. At least my dozen turned out bright! A little blotchy, but bright. The kid's eggs turned out well too. They just don't have the patience to let the eggs sit for longer than 30 seconds. I think their hands got dyed more than their eggs. It came off after washing with soap a few times and taking 2 baths. Rainbow hands for 24 hrs is kind of fun any way.

I like the clear egg cartons I bought. It makes storing the decorated eggs in my frig feel really festive.

Pictures of the kids eggs after the jump. I actually really like their colors, possibly more than mine. They look more organic and soft. Rob thinks their eggs look gross. ha

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about egg dying! I completely forgot! I went to dollar tree to get our PAAS egg coloring kit:) We dyed ours late last night:) Yours turned out great! I love bright primary colors eggs!:) Did your kids do any mixing of colors? I was trying to teach my youngest about "what two different colors make". He had fun writing on the eggs. My oldest made fruit out of her eggs (strawberry, grape, watermelon,etc..). I'll send you some pics:) Our tradition is that we leave our eggs out for the Easter Bunny to hide outside the next morning. After we find all the eggs we throw them in the lake:) It's become a fun tradition. Wish we could spend Easter together:( Happy Easter:) Miss you!!!xoxo

  2. The eggs look so vibrant & cheery! Smart thinking with the clear cartons. Isn't egg dyeing fun? Yesterday we got the project going with our nieces and wouldn't you know the adults were still at it when the kids got bored:)

  3. your BRIGHT eggs are the BEST!!! I love how you used food coloring instead of making natural dyes like every other blogger and their mama this year. This is my first comment but I've read your Blog from the beginning and I really love it. Happy Easter to the West side from an UEsider!

  4. Love your eggs!!! I'll defenetly try this recipe next Easter :o)
    Have a blessed Easter!

  5. love the primary colors. i too, went with what i had in the pantry: food coloring. who knew it was "in season"?


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