4 Springtime Accessories: CLAIMED

I always feel lost in a sea of women's clothes and accessories. There's too many choices and I second guess my judgement. For good reason: There's always something better out there! My dad used to joke around with me and say that every time we went shopping. It cracked me up, but at the same time it's so true! Making a dorky senseless purchase that I'll later regret haunts me.  

Though, this time I think I actually got the best things out there.  I've been wearing all four items for the past three days and feel good every time. My plan is to exhaust these accessories until they shred into tiny unwearable pieces of dust. ;) 

Bag (I bought mine at Loehmanns in black and white for over 40% off. They also had the red one too. )
Hat (I bought mine at H&M for $12)
Sandals (I have huge size 10 Flinstone feet. These make my feet look really dainty. A miracle for a sandal!)
Necklace: I got this in the gift bag at Blogstar's Sunday Supper. Haven't taken it off since! 

What's your favorite spring time accessory that you proudly own?   


  1. I have an orange dress that I got a long time ago at H&M which I wear almost every day. I too will wear it until it falls to pieces. I think it is more charming when someone has only a couple of pieces amongst which they rotate, as opposed to having a huge wardrobe.
    People may disagree, but either way, I'm glad that I think like this. It keeps me from spending extra money on things that I don't need.

  2. I am a minimalist when it comes to accessories too. This spring I'm trusting a simple white cardigan, a dark denim jacket, a fun belt and my red sunglasses.

    Love your hat!

  3. I like your accessories.
    I'm low maintenance....I like wearing accessories that remind me of certain people in my life. I wear them everyday. Most of my accessories go with everything. That's it! I'm out the door in seconds!

  4. What cute things! I'm so boring when it comes to accessories, I second what Anonymous said, I wear my wedding ring, a ring from my parents and a necklace with my son's initials on it everyday, beyond that it's usually just a jeans and tee! Wish I could pull off a hat, that one looked adorable on you in your post the other day!

    I did introduce some pink J.Crew jeans into my wardrobe after seeing how Joanna Goddard pulled them off in one of her posts. And I am loving them! Perfect springy addition to my wardrobe.


  5. I love how you accessorize! The only thing I wear is my wedding band. Boooring, I know.

  6. I don't like my toes so I am always on the look out for close toed sandals...I love yours...I love DSW...oh I bought a pair of sandals this Spring and lost them. I have hunted all over tarnation and can not find them! ugh...

  7. I always liked your blog, but dare I say it's been rocking even more lately! I finally got a rain jacket and rainboots this year, and I feel like they've both already paid for themselves (especially the jacket!).

    Also, hautelook had hobo bags on the other day, and I got, erm, a few. I just love that brand's bags! Good quality, but not to flashy/logo-y.

    Love all your stuff!

  8. You actually made a decision! I am impressed! D

  9. I have a leaf dipped in gold that used to be my mom's. she wore it a lot when I was young and then she stopped wearing it! It made me sad so I dug it out and asked if I could have it. She said sure. That was about 10 years ago. And it is my spring/summer necklace. Looks great with v-neck dresses my other staple. I also have a hat similar to yours in blue with black trim. Fun!

  10. I 100% copied you and went to DSW and bought the same sandals for my not-as-big-as-yours size 9 feet. Lucky me, the 8.5 fit! Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. Love the bag! I just picked it up at Loehman's too. I'm with you on having staples. I'm super indecisive and contemplate things long after I bring them home. For that reason, I'm trying to go simple and classic.


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