Weekend Plans

Yesterday I took my first photography class by my friend Lesley of Kensington Blue.  I was a little late and the only place left to sit was right next to a box of donuts. Oh man, they smelled so good. I can't believe I didn't eat one!

There are about 10 other women taking the class. I'm sure they all have their own reason. I signed up so I can learn how to take pictures when the lighting isn't perfect. Since I've gotten my camera, I've only shot in auto mode. That's fine for sunny days outside, but that's all!  I feel so limited. The minute I'm trying to take pictures indoors, at night, or in funky shadows, I get disappointed with the results.  My camera just doesn't do what I want. The subjects are always adorable, but the picture is off.

So this weekend I'm making the switch the manual. Have you made the leap yet? I'm nervous I'm going to miss out on some good shots while I learn. I hope it's worth it in the end.

I have a list of assignments to do this week before the second class.  It's on the top of my list of things to do! Here's what I'll be working on:

Shallow Depth of Field
Large Depth of Field
Freeze Motion
Capture Motion
Underexposed image
Overexposed image
Front Lighting
Side Lighting
Back Lighting
Lens Flare
Creative Assignment

That's quite the list! I can't wait to get started.  I think a box of donuts just might make the perfect subject. But this time, I'm eating some.

Have a good weekend! I hope you learn something, too. :)


  1. i keep thinking about you and your friends teaching eachother things and think it is great...my cap is on. ps-quite a list.

  2. Just yesterday I made notes in my calendar to take more pic's this summer! My camera is very low key, and set to manual. Maybe I will page through the instruction booklet. Either way, I'm hoping to get some great pics of light and flowers and green trees and all things summer. I like to draw and paint them in the winter... xo

  3. I check on your blog almost daily and never comment because I always feel a bit strange reading a blog about motherhood and when I dont (yet) have children on my own .. but today I feel like telling you that once I am old enough to start my own little family, I will absolutely need you, so please dont stop blogging for about .. at least the next 5 years. Thank you very much (:

    1. such a thoughtful note. thank you! i'll keep it up :)

  4. It's so nice to learn photography! Especially when you have three beautiful subjects like your kids. I am sure you will be just fine. Keep it up. :-)



  5. Oh honey, you could teach a class on photography. Love your work.

  6. cool next time have a do-nut on behalf of me! :)

  7. It's going to be so fun to really learn to use your camera! I'm saving up to buy a nice one, so I'll look for tips from you once I get it. I might take a class, too. It sounds really helpful!

  8. I'm excited for your photography class!
    So you will be learning about your variables - (what they are, how to choose them on your camera, etc.) My tip for shooting your kids (in time, before they move on) is getting comfortable with aperture priority (Av). You select that, and then the camera selects the value for shutter. I like it so much better than full Manual mode. It feels like a short cut!
    ps. crappy light will still be crappy light. :(

  9. It souds like you're having fun already. I am sure you will learn quickly. You are already a good photographer from all the pictures I've seen here on your site. I have always wanted to take photography classes but time and money are against me when I bought my camera. But thank goodness for youtube and lots of google resources. They have been really helpful. One thing, though. When shooting in low light, you can always adjust shutter speed or the aperture value, but you might want to consider a faster lens most especially you shoot mostly with kids.

    :) I can't wait to see your projects and learn from you, too.

  10. does she have other classes? can i sign up?

  11. Where can I find info on the classes? Are the others that are offered? Thanks!


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