goodbye sunburst ****UPDATE: I Decided to keep the sunburst afterall!***

Hope you like my new blog layout! As I've mentioned before, I love the all the affordable premade blog layouts available these days. I found this one from Blog Milk. I bought it on a whim yesterday, and I'm planning on working out the kinks today. First--where's all my comments?! To be resolved soon.

New feature: The Navigation bar on the top. I plan on filling it up with goodies. I started with the basics by adding links to my Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I'll eventually add some more labels, like NYC with Kids, Parenting, and DIY (all five of them).  Hopefully with better titles than that though. I'll give in some thought. Suggestions are always welcome!

I've replaced the huge sunburst with tiny polka dots. I would love to add a pixelated city skyline along the top of my blog to bring everything together. Perhaps faded behind the NYC Taught Me title.  Something like this skyline below, but not so heavy and scary. I'll take offers!

I also have ads up from Federated Media. That's the real reason for the blog redesign. I wanted to start looking a little more professional. Next thing you'll know, I'll start passing out NYC Taught Me business cards! Speaking of becoming more professional--I've decided to start taking sponsors! I would love to promote your blog, website, or business. Email me at sharonbeesley@gmail.com for details!


  1. I’ve always liked your little sunburst, although I like the direction you are headed in with the skyline. And Blog Milk is a good choice. I often visit the shop and wonder whether I should purchase one of the premade templates. They are all so lovely. Great pick!

  2. Lovely new look. Someday I'll get around to choosing a cool template for my blog. Love the skyline idea. I like the color of the pink/salmon links, but I'm going to be honest, they are a little hard to read on my computer screen (very faint).

  3. hi betsy!! i saw your sister yesterday!
    i was wondering the about the color.. . i'll darken it up :) thanks for the feedback.

  4. email me a skyline picture you took (you own) without any pixelation/work done. the larger the file the better. Also tell me the dimensions of your header. I'll see what I can do and it won't hurt my feelings one shred if you don't like it:

  5. I don't like change...but I'll get use to it:)

  6. i have to admit that i liked the old one better. maybe just because i was so used to it...


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