Easiest Art Project: Tin Foil Sculptures

I finally bought tin foil.
I gave them one rule: Their sculpture must stand up unassisted. Just like John Chamberlain's.  
Owen had other ideas . . .
He took 3 bites of his sandwich, wrapped it in tinfoil, and put it in the freezer. 


  1. owen. always the rebel. haha. cute!

  2. Great project!:)
    Another fun activity that Owen might enjoy is getting piece of oaktag or poster board. Have the kids draw a picture of a fish (or any object). Place liquid glue on the outline of the object. Place yarn on top of the wet glue. Let it dry. Wrap aluminum foil around the whole thing. Press it down and the image of the fish (or any object) will come through. Then let them color on the aluminum foil with permanant marker. It is beautiful art:)
    p.s. This is totally an outside activity....Permanant markers=YIKES!:)

  3. cool Sharon. These guys would also be ready for papier mache in which case the foil sculptures become armatures. I can tell you how to mix papier mache if you want or you can get plaster gauze which is fun and wrap the sculptures. When they are dry the kids can paint them with tempera.


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