Winter's (almost) End

By this time of year, NYC has been littered with all my kids hats and mittens. You know what I say to my kids? Hood up! Hands in pockets! I don't want to hear any complaining!

Yet--I can only get so mad at them for losing all their winter gear. I'm just as bad.  I'm particularly good at losing umbrellas.  Time to stock up on winter accessories again. Seen any good sales? All the stores seem to be getting all springy on me.


  1. Gloves and hats? What are those? Just kidding, my kids do occasionally wear beanies. No gloves, though. --Self-congratulatory Friend Living in Bay Area

  2. Jessica R GarrettMarch 30, 2012 at 6:22 PM

    Hey Sharon,
    I know you're into vintage so I thought I'd let you know that a chain second hand store called Second Time Around is having their annual 70% off sale in order to get rid of their winter line before they pull out their spring line. Fantastic stuff! They have a location on 99th and Broadway which is ok. Their best locations are in Soho and the Upper East Side. Check it out! http://www.secondtimearound.net/
    I think the sale ends tonight.

  3. You should be buying them from those guys who have tables selling them on the sidewalk. One of the perks of living in NYC!

  4. I have got many gloves and hats at consignment stores. They are cheap and I don't fell bad about losing them. I also sewed my toddlers mittens to a string that passes inside the jacket (made sure no risk of going around the neck ) Now, he can never lose them!

  5. Old Navy has great mittens and gloves -- 2 pairs for $1! They are the stretchy, fits-many-hands type, and it's not as bad when you lose them because they're so cheap.

  6. Target (in MN) had the stretchy gloves on clearance last weekend!

  7. hi, i am a new visitor to this blog - came to this post through another post and thought this might be helpful (in a few months... sheesh:-)): i am from the netherlands originally (live in the uws now!), and we attach our kids' gloves to each other with a long rope. next step is to put the rope all the way from one sleeve through to the other (through inside of jacket; if it's a thin soft rope you won't feel anything of it though). now, the gloves will be 'hanging out of' the sleeves when your kids put their coats on - they will never forget them or loose them anymore! it's simple and so easy! examples:
    http://www.lunabloom.be/NL/WebshopDetail/mode_accessoires/wanten_keni_oranje-1622 and
    http://www.villa-vrolijk.nl/kinderkleding/koeka-kinderkleding/koeka-wantjes-winterwear.html (only pic i could find where they're being used)


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