Say Yes To Puddles

Last Friday puddles were everywhere in Central Park. It was still drizzling and bitter cold when I took Ella out to test the shell jacket and zip trousers Polarn O. Pyret sent her.

At first, she avoided the puddles. I had to convince her that it was ok to jump into the water. Then, I promised she would stay warm and dry. Finally, after a few test jumps, she believed me. And that's when she discovered the joy of playing in the rain without the uncomfortable consequences of being wet, soggy, and cold. This spring, she's free to play anywhere. Probably while singing a crazy made-up song.

Totally random: Doesn't Ella completely transform into a new person with these clothes on? Suddenly I was looking at a young Gretchen Bleiler. All tough, sporty, yet still girly! Somebody get this girl a halfpipe and a snowboard. She's got the look.

The best part about these clothes to me? Not only are they waterproof and wind proof, but they also are water repellant. Even after jumping in muddy puddles, the pants stayed clean! Why can't all children's clothes be water repellant? Magic.

Thanks Polarn O. Pyret for outfitting Ella for spring and beyond!

You can find her jacket here, the trousers here, and also the brown striped hat here (organic cotton!). Receive 15% off all full priced items with code: STRIPEPOP, in-store or online. Also, find major sales going on PO.P's outerwear here! 

Love this store. Other posts with my kids wearing PO.P's clothes are here (cords!) and here (striped bathing suit!).  


  1. Amelia (Mountain Mama)March 30, 2012 at 6:17 PM

    Beautiful pictures and great inspiration for this week!

  2. Children have the gift to make us love the rain! And that "splash" the perfect example

  3. That photo in mid-air is pretty cool... and so is Ella.

  4. You know your daughter looks very much like a younger version of Willow Shields (except the eye color.) Here are some pictures of who I mean:
    And yes, she also looks like a young Reese Witherspoon too.

  5. Kids just love puddles. Here (in Scottsdale) it seems to rain about twice a year and the kids just go crazy when they can actually jump in a puddle! Such sheer joy!

  6. Sharon,
    I emailed you and mentioned how I could not comment... looks like that is only a problem when I view your blog on a Linux operating system. When I looked at your blog on my mac and pc I had no problem! Just thought you should know! Anyway, your daughter is gorgeous!!

  7. LOVE the first photo. Great job capturing the splash! I think you will get a kick out of my little Baby DeNiro :) http://obsessivision.com/projects/baby-de-niro/

  8. I love Polarn and Pyret. We love to play outside in the rain.

  9. What a sweetie! Love the outfit. :)

  10. Very cute...time to get her some lessons.

  11. So adorable!!! It looks like so much fun!

  12. Your daughter is gorgeous! We love PO.P too. My young toddler, Maia, wears her calypso pink windfleece jacket everywhere. It's perfect for layering! Their non-outerwear stuff is awesome too. Gotta love clothes that hold up to washing!

  13. you're right, she looks like a little snowboarder! what a great activity on a dreary spring day.

  14. i found your blog through cup of jo and i have to say i have realy enjoyed going back and reading through all your posts.

  15. Pop rules :) raincoat with fleece? I optimisticly bought a pair but it is still snowing..

  16. so cool! my kid loves rainy days, all those rainy boots, coats, umbrellas and the puddles, of course.

  17. Bought a P.O.P wintercoat for my son while on holiday in Sweden (I live in the Netherlands) last summer and it was the best buy ever! Rain is a common thing in our country and I can assure you that he stayed dry and warm. Even when jumping in puddles.... My only regret is that I didn't buy one for my younger son. The only negative thing about P.O.P. is that there is no shop in the Netherlands. Maybe you could use your influence :-)) ?

  18. How fun are those puddles! I still enjoy stepping in them with my bright red rain boots :D

  19. Fantastic photos! We live in NM, so we don't see much water. I'm so fascinated with puddles!

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