On Location: 1964 World's Fair

 I remember my mom telling me about the 1964 New York World's Fair. She told me when she went, it was the first time she heard about mormons. They had a HUGE replica of the Salt Lake Temple and had missionaries handing out pamphets. She remembers being struck by the missionaries with short hair and suits when beards and casual clothes we all the rage for young people. That's all that she told me about the World's Fair. And look at my family now. Back where it all began.

I like going to places I know my mother visited. It makes me feel connected with her.


  1. I like your Mormon twist on it:), I'm a Mormon.

  2. your kids are cute, especially the overgrown one in the middle...

  3. I remember the fair in 1964, too. I would have been 7 at the time. The "Its a small world" display from Walt Disney was all the rage. Now I feel really, really old.

  4. Hello there...I am loving those fringe boots for my daughter!! Where did you get them? Love your blog by the way ;)


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