Extensions of My Living Room

 Do you have a lot of play dates at your house? I had one at my apartment this week, and I was so stressed about getting it clean. I love meet-ups so much more. Luckily the city gives options that feel like extensions of my living room. I've recently had a play date at the children's floor at the Hudson Park Library and another one upstairs at Whole Foods. These places are usually empty, have a few toys for the kids, contained, and always free!

Yesterday I took the kids to MoMA. Friday nights are free (4-8pm!), so I was shocked to see the children's wing so empty. We stayed in this room for over three hours!  I chatted briefly with a new mom and my kids made a new friend. The books were good, all the toys were organized neatly in bins, and there were enough computers (4!) for all my kids to use.  I would love to make this a Friday night tradition, but I know I probably won't.

Weigh in: Play dates at the house vs. play dates at public places vs. no play dates at all. I didn't have twins for nothing! The least they could do would be PLAY together. ha


  1. Omg I had no idea that Moma had a children's wing!!! Let's go one Friday soon!!!

  2. upstairs at whole foods??? what is that? there is a play area? let me know. always looking for more indoor outings in the winter!!

  3. Gyða GunnarsdóttirMarch 30, 2012 at 6:38 PM

    We love having playdates at home. Its ok if your house does not look like Ikea magazine ;)

  4. Play dates in my house sometimes stress me out b/c, well, my 4yo doesn't like to share his toys. Probably b/c I'm such a bad mom and host so few play dates. I like play dates in my back yard, play dates at other people's houses (although, you know, that may require reciprocation), and park play dates. Love those fridge photos, btw.

  5. I'd have to have friends with young kids to have play dates. ha! Seriously though, for some reason I just mesh well with women who have older kids or whose kids are grown up. Besides you and Christine, I get nervous around woman my age for some reason. Strange, huh??

  6. yes! it's great...it's at the whole foods at Chambers street

  7. oh I love you jeannine!! we would have playdates all the time at my house if i lived closer because i REALLy wouldn't care if you saw my house a messy! you grew up with my mess, IN my mess--i couldn't fool you!

  8. totally . . . reciprocation is the WORST hahahaha

  9. good point. i need to remember that :)

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