Cheesy New Years Post Three Days Late

We were walking in Flushing Meadows Park last week and Ella shouted, "Hey it's the yellow brick road from the WIZ!" Anyone else have this movie on repeat now that it's on Netflix instant watch? The movie as a whole is a total flop, but there are some really fun songs. Two favorites are Michael Jackson's Ease on Down the Road and Diana Ross's Everybody Rejoice.

I thought it would be the perfect first post for the new year. I hope 2012 is filled with a lot of dancing with arms flailing in the air and a lot of Whoa's! Yay's! And high kicks!

Enjoy the clips. Happy New Year. Isn't Diana Ross's outfit perfect?


  1. BAAAHHHH I LOVE THAT YOU POSTED THESE! I grew UP on the Wiz!! K, now I feel this eery connection with you and have this feeling we are supposed to be best friends.... thoughts?

    Love your blog. I'm relatively new to it but I'll be sticking around, you can be sure. Check out mine



  2. hahahah since we share a love for the Wiz that means yes--friends!

    just checked your blog out. that black and white pregnancy picture of you in your "year in review" collage is stunning. congrats on little baby james. you've done such a great job documenting your life. nicely done.

  3. Oh goodness...haven't thought about the Wiz in a long time...maybe this weekend! Happy New Year!

  4. That girl is an optimist :)

  5. haha it really IS the yellow brick road from the movie. they filmed munchkin land in a building right behind the bridge. it's such an odd eerie park.

  6. I had to do a double take- that really DOES look like the yellow brick road from the movie! It's smart that she picked up on that.

  7. I don't the THE WIZ is a total flop. It really depends on what a person takes away from the story quite honestly, and I happen to think THE WIZ is a great film, One of the Best actually and totally underrated.

  8. Cool...to think that Diana Ross and Micheal Jackson danced across that bridge all those years ago. Awesome!

  9. Do you remember where in the park this is?

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