BEACH 2012

 For New Years, we borrowed our friend's one bedroom condo in Margate, New Jersey. The kids slept in the bedroom, Rob and I slept in the living room. It was plenty of space! The people we borrowed the condo from also have three kids so it was stocked with games and toys. When we got home, I realized we accidentally stole a baseball bat, a hand held fan, and a tube of toothpaste from the condo. I'm sure that means we've ruined our chances of ever borrowing the condo again. Ha.

With temps in the 50's, we spent a lot of time at the beach. I didn't bring bathing suits because I assumed the water would be too cold. That didn't stop Owen. He was skinny dipping from the waste down in no time.

PS We rented a car and drove from NYC, about 3 hours. It was funny how quickly we fell into the driving lifestyle. I never drove (my license is expired anyway), so Rob took care of that. I was in charge of buckling all the kids into their seats. Worst job ever. But not worse then driving! It was so sad when we had to return the car. We became so attached to it! Rob drove me and the kids to school one time when we got back to NYC. Very posh.


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