Art Night with Todd Oldham

Last night we celebrated Todd Oldham's new line of art supplies coming to Target this May. The collection is called Kid Made Modern (the craft book is available here.) Everything in the collection is beautifully made, high quality, and inspiring. I wish I took more pictures of my favorites: The comic book kit, the wooden blocks, the watercolors (so many colors!). Instead, I was busy chasing Owen and Oscar away from the snack bar. For most of the evening the boys had a chocolate cookie in one hand and paint brush in the other. Life couldn't have been better for them.
About Todd: He's so genuine and kind.  I remember watching him years ago on the TV show Top Design. He seemed so thoughtful with all the contestants, treating them as friends. He was exactly the same way in person. He asked really good questions and my kids adored him. At the end of the night, he took my goody bag and started stuffing it with more art supplies. While it might look like the conversation they are having with Todd to the left is about something deep like art philosophy, it was actually going something more like this:
Oscar: Your face is red!
Todd: It is? Oh, it's because I'm a little hot in this sweater.
Ella: How could you be hot on such a cold day?

Unbeknownst to me, actress/comedian/writer Amy Sedaris was also there. I atleast should have recognized her from Elf, but I didn't. Instead, I did talk to her about one of the kids at the party who was perfectly covered in paint. I asked her, "Oh wow, who's that kid's mom?" And she said, "Oh that's my kid!"  And I believed her! I said something ridiculous like, "Really? He's so awesome!" haha She probably thought I was such an idiot. Oh well.  She was so nice and I couldn't get my eyes off of her despite not knowing why. Then I overheard someone say, "Isn't that Amy Sedaris?" oh yeah . . . it is . . .

Below are pictures of the kids playing and creating and also some of the art supplies I took home. One of the best things about the Kid Made Modern art supplies their packaging.  Everything is tastefully done with modern colors and shapes and minimal graphics. I asked Todd about that.  He told me that as a kid he remembers studying everything about his art supplies. The colors, the packaging, it was all important and interesting to him. He wanted to create beautiful art supplies for kids to enjoy! I think he did just that.  Look for the Kid Made Modern collection this May at Target.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful evening! I will be looking forward to the line coming to Target.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Glad you and the kids have a good time.

  3. I LOVE him! That launch looks incredible and I can't wait till it arrives this spring! Having an arts background as well as creative kids it is a challenge to find hiqh quality, well-designed and thought out art supplies for children. yay!

  4. art is such a wonderful thing to encourage...lucky for you to be living in a city that applauds artists and their craft.
    ps. totally thought it was a deep moment with the photo you snapped...don't you just love the honesty of children?!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a great event. I love Amy. Please email me and tell me what she was wearing. Or send me a pic :)

  6. Oh my gosh that is all so exciting. And I can't believe you talked to Amy Sedaris! And you didn't know it!! She's just magnetic, isn't she? Never seen her in person, but I can imagine. Loooooove her.

  7. What a great way to spend an evening! I love that so much detail went into the packaging of these art supplies - they're really lovely!
    Your meeting Amy Sedaris story is so funny. I wonder what she was thinking. Ha ha! Honestly, though, I don't think I would have recognized her either.

  8. Your little blondies are so lucky to have a mom that takes them on so many fun excursions! I love it! Also, I would have probably (no, definitely) not recognized Amy Sedaris, either. I don't get why she would claim the kid as her own? To elicit scoffing laughter from her inner audience of adorers? Many (but not all) famous people can be so full of themselves - it's so obnoxious. I experience these characters too frequently when my husband plays shows. Anyways, I'll stop my rant now. Lovely blog! Keep up the great work! :)

  9. She's probably really nice and meant it as a joke to make Sharon uncomfortable for saying "Who's kid is that?!" I get it. It probably made Sharon laugh.

  10. Hi Sharon...I just found your blog via Cup of Jo, and it's beautiful! What a lovely family and life you have. I have a very different situation (living in the woods in the Midwest, no kids yet) which suits me very well. It's fun to see what life looks like in a big city, and how you're raising a family there.

    I have been to NYC six times, and liked it better each time. The first time, I was 17 and alone- visiting friends (my parents were very brave to let me go!) in Tribeca. I was afraid and overwhelmed for most of the trip, but at the same time it was an incredible experience and made me come back for more, five more times (I tend to seek out that which scares me...)! However, on the plane ride home, when I looked down and saw nothing but trees and lakes below me- a sea of green and blue- I started crying and knew I would never leave my rural home permanently.

    Thanks for giving me my "city fix" with your beautiful photography! It makes me want to start planning visit number seven. :)

  11. yes, exactly. i hope it exceeds your expectations! i think the quality of the colored pencils are really good, but I don't have an arts background. i'm interested to hear your thoughts when it come out.

  12. haha yes, sometimes i wish i could rein in my kids honesty sometimes. hopefully, someday, they will learn not say EVERY observation. it's kind of embarrassing as parent ! ha

  13. soooo magnetic..perfect description for her.

  14. thanks for reading-- love your story. and yes, start planning trip number 7! just checked out your blog. Happy Birthday!!

  15. oh no! i didn't realize who she was until it was too late. i looked through all my pictures to see if she was in the background, but she's not. her clothes: that's the thing I couldn't get my eyes off. she had a fluffy skirt with miss match pants underneath (capri maybe?), bulky shoes. it shouldn't have worked, but it did. watching her, i can see why she's so successful. she draws people in!!

  16. The conversation between Todd and your kids made me laugh out load. Too funny :)

  17. oh honey...it's "unbeknownst"

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