All I've Ate Today is a Bagel*

Last week I (and over 2 million other people) watched this video on things Nyorkers say. I thought it was great, but I started thinking a funny spin off could be a video of things Nyorker parents say.  I find myself apologizing a lot, especially when I have the double stroller. Excuse me, sorry, oh gosh! Oopps, I ran over your toes! Totally misjudged. Ah! Your heals! Pardon me.

And you should see the looks I get when I say I send my kids to the local public school!

What are things you've heard New Yorker parents say?

*i know it's not grammatically correct, but it's how he said it in the video. ha


  1. I've got a four year-old and a one year-old. Using the aubway is sometimes an adventure.

    To my kid:
    "stay away from the platform!"
    "ew, don't lick the subway pole"
    "don't lean against the elevator wall
    To strangers:
    "yea, I'd appreciate help up the stairs"
    "is there an elevator at this stop?"

  2. Am I the only NY parent that has found myself cursing at elderly people after their repeated rude comments about my children? Since then I have practiced saying, "thank you for your concern" in the bathroom mirror.

  3. For cryin out loud. Do people there say that or is it just something mom made up?

  4. hahaha I know this has nothing to do with the post but on that bottom shot of you (yes the one with your mouth full, ha!) I can see that Ella looks a lot like you ;)

  5. Another Momism..."What possessed you to say/do that?" & "pocketbook":)

  6. NY Dadisms..."Dungarees" & "Flatware":)

  7. NY parents: What do you mean you haven't applied to pre-school yet? OR alternatively, you should have seen how cute Xavier was in his Mandarin class today...

  8. Oh, you stole my idea! My husband and I were cracking up thinking of this very thing a couple of days ago!!!!

  9. i say I'm sorry a lot too. sorry i ran into you with my stroller. sorry i'm taking up the entire stairwell going down to the subway. sorry that my kids are bothering you on the subway. sorry that i'm late. sorry that my kid pushed your kid. i'm sorry that my son almost ran into you with his scooter. the i'm sorrys never end :) i also find myself saying "he's fine!" a lot as well, to all the nosy women out there who tell me that my son is too cold and needs his gloves on or that i should take him inside because it's too cold. i should practice, like that other commenter said, and try to say something a little bit nicer.

  10. Nothing to comment...but this is funny stuff! I wanna move there...but then I will be the "old" person!

  11. Another reason I want to live in New York is just so I can say all those things!

  12. The video is so funny! Loved the "this place is huge!". Only in NYC!

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