Weekend Approved Project

Anyone used Wikipedia recently and clicked on something like this image below?

I'm about to do the same pathetic personal appeal thing right now! After the jump.

If a reputable site like Wikipedia can do it, so can NYC Taught Me. Except I'm not asking for donations, I'm just asking you to click on my Babble articles! Consider it your holiday present to me.

Here's the ones that I think you'll like best:
1. 3 Easy Steps to Make Edible Checkers (a rare DIY by yours truly)
2. Deconstructing the Gingerbread Man (Science in the Kitchen!)
3. Voila! 5 Christmas Presents That Magically Disappear!
4. 3 Things People Always Ask Me About City Life 

And the ones you should definitely NOT click on (you see what I'm trying to do here??):
1. The Coolest Doll House EVER
2. I'm a Little Tea Pot: The perfect additions to your tea party.
3.  5 Tips for Watching the Macy's Parade LIVE

And ones you should click on but not read (haha):
1. Searching for the Perfect Place to Live
2. A New Thanksgiving Day Tradition
3. Soda Ban Not Enough?

And some oldies but goodies you might have missed:
1. No Cuts! No Butts! No Coconuts!
2. Say Cheese! My Search for the Best Mommy Camera
3.  Beyond Dan Zanes: My Top 10 Folksy Kid Albums

Out of guilt, Out of the goodness of my heart, I donated a little money to Wikipedia before I published this post. Just this morning I wasted 5 minutes learning about this guy . What a life he had! And his daughter. . . mysterious.

Hope you have a good weekend! Thanks for your help!


  1. Great...I just read all about Huguette Clark! And some of your posts! Back to studying for finals :(

  2. keep writing! i just stumbled upon your blog and i really do love what you have to say. creative! i love how many fun things you do with your kids!

  3. i just clicked on your traditions article. loved it!

  4. Aren't the Clarks fascinating? I used to work at the art gallery in DC where his collection now lives!

  5. This was a really funny and creative way to get some hits! Love it! I clicked them all, and even left the windows open in my browser while reading the ones I was really interested in. I love your genuine-ness. :)


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