NY Botanical Garden

Last Sunday, my kid's behavior was good enough for a trip to the NY Botanical Garden. The Garden has always been one of my favorite parts of the city. It's a bit difficult to get there from my house (2 transfers and a bus ride), but my kids don't really mind it. Especially when we pop out from underground in the train and they see the Yankees Stadium. That never gets old. It's all part of the day. From house to garden, it takes around an hour. Worth it!

As soon as we enter the garden and walk in a ways, it's always such an odd feeling to be alone with my family. No strangers. No sidewalks. No buildings. I notice the difference so clearly, and it feels wonderful!

We also went to the kids garden. Check out how they Deconstructed the Gingerbread Man and made a traditional holiday treat into a science lesson. So creative! So easy!

After our science lesson, we finally went to see the famous Holiday Train Show. It was PACKED but was by no means a tourist trap. It's the real deal. Locals and tourist both know that and come back year after year.  I loved how they kept with the garden theme. All the buildings were made from sticks, dirt, and stone. It was the perfect mix of art and nature!

The next morning I talked to Owen about the show. I asked him what his favorite part was.  He leaned into me real close, and confessed,"When I touched one of the trains going by." I'm glad I didn't see him do this because I probably would have ruined it for him by saying, "OWEN! Stop that!" It probably felt so magical to touch the tiny moving train!

Do you remember getting away with things as a kid because your mom didn't catch you? I don't! I was an absolute angel.  


  1. that holiday train show looks gorgeous! and of course not...i was an angel, too...and if you believe that... :)

  2. What an amazing train display. Glad you guys had fun.

  3. Ok,the next time we come visit...you HAVE to take us here!!!! C would go BANANAS!!!!!
    *Side note...I don't like it when stores have "DO NOT TOUCH!" signs on things....I can't help but have the need to touch it...I loved touching things in stores as a kid...I have a hard time telling my kids "Don't touch!" it because I really want to touch it tooooo....:)

  4. You seem to be a great mother for your kids as you find time to take them to all these great places!


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