My Christmas Tree Style: Messy Glamour!

I spent the last 2 hours listening to Christmas music and decorating the tree. I put off my blog, Babble, and eating to get the job done. I think it was time well spent. As I was gathering all the decorations, I found baby Jesus! Still missing the major players. How's your nativity holding up? I'm down to a shepherd, a King, and a couple animals.  I give them two more days until they go missing until our next move.


  1. you got the shabby chic tree going on. it's too cute, seriously.

  2. Remember when Mom thought you lost baby Jesus?:)lol
    K LOVES your tree! I think she needs to move in with you:) She LOVES NYC just as much as you do:)xo

  3. Your tree turned out awesome! Doesn't it take way longer than you think it should take? Well worth it though...

    Our nativity is not out yet...I'm afraid of losing all the pieces. Ack. I should just get over it and put it up.

  4. I love it! my two year old is already pulling baubles off the tree...it'll only be so long before the whole thing gives in and falls over...


  5. We're doing our tree tomorrow & I couldn't be more excited. Love tree! Very "messy glamour"... which is honestly perfect :)

  6. p.s. A couple of months ago I found a navity set at G.W. (aka Goodwill) that looked a lot like the one we had growing up. It was 2 bucks. I took it out this Christmas..the kids love playing with it and I don't stress about it because I didn't spend hardly any money for it:) C already broke the head off one of Jesus' friend (Wisemen)....that's the name C calls them...I kind of like the name he gave them:) We glued his head back on & he is good to go:) Merry Christmas:)


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