Let's Go to the Movies! Let's Go See The Stars

Last week, I got a last minute invite to see a screening of Steven Spielberg's new movie War Horse. It was so visually stunning! The shots of the farmhouse in England were amazing. I couldn't help but feel like I'm raising my kids all wrong. They need horses! And fields! And a pet goose! British accents!

After the movie was over and I wiped away all my tears, Emily Watson (seen above and below) entered the theatre for a Q&A. It was wonderful to see her gracefully answer all the questions off the top of her head.

I always wonder when I'm watching people get interviewed--Did they know these questions before the came in? How are they answering them so quickly and perfectly? Do they all have the gift of gab? Doesn't their mind ever go blank? Is this rehearsed? I'm sure sometimes it is, and other times it's just that they get asked the same questions over and over so it gets easier. But I know that she was given some questions at our Q&A that she couldn't have been prepared for. The last question someone asked her was, "What is your favorite toddler friendly meal?" Mind you it was a very mommy blogger audience, she took a second to think about it, and thoughtfully said, "While my kids are out of the toddler stage now, I remember them loving lasagna!" Good answer.

Wouldn't it be scary to get interviewed? She didn't seem to be. All I saw was someone who is incredibly likable and smart. Love those characteristics in a woman.

Thanks Moms and the City for hosting the event! I had a blast.

movie pics from collider and movie fanatic


  1. I love your title from Annie:) I saw the previews for this movie the day after talking to you about going to see the screening:) It looks like a beautiful movie:) I don't have time to watch it on Christmas Day (lol) but maybe sometime after that:) I wish we could watch it together....miss you!:(

  2. I can't wait to see this movie! Will probably go the week in between Christmas and NY,,,
    I have been watching your career take off...amazing! You are a great writer!

  3. GreetingsfromTexasMarch 30, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Why can't you get your kids a pet goose? It's totally city-friendly! =)

  4. Ahhh it looks amazing, can't wait to see it. I grew up in the English countryside running around in fiels for fun and wished I was growing up in New York!

  5. Hannah McIntosh-BurkeMarch 30, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    There is nothing like a horse-movie-sobfest! (why is it that horse movies are always sobfests anyway)

  6. You know your a big deal when you get invited to a screaning!!!!

  7. Movies are a great medium to reconnect with our higher selves – to be reminded of what humans are capable of, in terms of both good and evil.

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