Happy Hanukkah!

My next door neighbor invited me and the kids to a Hanukkah party last week and again today to light the Menorah. She served jelly donuts and potato pancakes and then taught my kids how to play dreidels. It's been the favorite game at my house lately.  I beam every time I hear my kids shout the Hebrew words: "Nun! Shin! Hay! GIMMEL!!" For the rules of the game click here. Super easy and fun! After all of the chocolate coins were eaten, my kids used Christmas ornaments as game pieces. Ironic, but it works.

Last night when Oscar was saying his prayers he said, "Dear Heavenly Father: I celebrate Hanukkah now and Jesus loves me . . ." Awesome. Also when we were leaving the cab today, Oscar asked the driver, "What holiday do you celebrate?" The cab driver responded, "Oh, I'm Catholic. So I celebrate Christmas!" Later on at school, Oscar did such a wonderful job singing Ella Jenkin's, "Harmonica for Hanukkah." Sweet. I love all these religious conversations happening in my family this time of year. So interesting!


  1. How precious! I am a Christian, but my parents told my sisters and I about Hannakuh at a young age. (we have Jewish cousins!) I absolutely love our menorah and all it's beauty! It's fun to see that your kids are learning how different people celebrate this time of the year! Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm a new follower of your blog and this post was definitely the highlight of my day: sweet, funny and so endearing. Our kids daily renew our hope in humanity, even if we sometimes want to hide from them so we can eat marshmallows in peace.

  3. haha so true. marshmallows in peace. amen!

  4. That's so cute! I love it!

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