City Kids Are Scared of Chickens But Not Goats

We spent two full days in the house this week playing with our new toys. By Tuesday, it was time to get out so I took the kids to the Met. On Wednesday I took them allllll the way out to the Queens County Farm Museum.

Although Queens in part of NYC, it feels so suburban. At least where the farm is located. They have stand alone houses with driveways and yards! One time we even crossed a street without a stoplight! It's been so long since I've seen that. Since we don't own a car, it took us 1.5 hours to get there. Three trains and a bus.  It's been over a year since I drove a car. I've said this before-- I really do enjoy the walking/public transportation lifestyle Manhattan has forced me to live. I never realized how isolating a car can be until I moved here. It's not that I'm talking to everyone on the train, but if I wanted to, I could. I like having that option.

It was beautiful grey winter day to visit the farm. The ground was still muddy from Tuesday's downpour.  Wednesday was their annual open house so we made crafts, drank hot cider, my boys kept sneaking almost all the cookies (so embarrassing, I owe them a box of cookies . . .), and we fed the goats. There's also cows, alpacas, chicken coops, bee hives, and sheep to check out.

While the farm had a steady crowd of people, my kids felt like they had the place all to themselves. When we walked into the gate Ella shouted, "Wow! We're the first ones here!" I had to explain to her that we weren't. She's so used being packed in with 10 million people at any given moment.  Here it wasn't like that. We had space. So much space that my kids started to get uneasy and say, "Mom? I don't think we're aloud back here. Uhhh. Let's go back to the farmhouse." I had to convince them to walk around the farm with me. Bonus: the bathrooms were clean!

Below is a picture of the gift shop. Owen insisted he found a better spot for the picture. Find him? Oscar's holding a purple crayon that he would later use to tag that beautiful red door. I told the shop keeper while Oscar covered his face with his hat. He was so ashamed!

Next year I'm looking forward to their 3 acre maize maze.  Ever been to a maize maze? Can you believe there's one in NYC?


  1. I went to a maize maze about ten years ago, in Calgary, Canada. It was lots of fun! And I know what you mean about driving vs public transport! I'm the same way. And a farm in the middle of the city....my hometown (Ottawa, Canada) has the same thing, and I used to love going there as a kid! Much different from the camels I've been spending this Christmas with, though!


  2. Where did you get your boys' coats?

  3. by looking at those pics i miss my grand pa's home :)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

  4. I have spent almost five minutes trying to find Owen! :-)

  5. I found Owen! It's like Where's Waldo. Maize mazes are so fun, we have a lot of them in Nebraska in the fall. Just don't get lost!

  6. Blue coat: KMart last year
    Red coat: H&M last year

  7. haha! he's behind the wreath on the right. :)

  8. ha! i bet the maize mazes in Nebraska are HUGE!

  9. Car.....get one. I never knew we were lacking for transportation and things to do until we got a set of wheels. It opened up a whole new world. Looks like Christmas was fun. LOVE Ella's guitar. See you next week!

  10. didn't know this place existed. also, drove myself nuts trying to find owen as well. happy new year sharon. :)

  11. How cute are your kids reaction to all the space and lack of people?! My brother and sister-in-law are currently living in NYC. When they visited us outside of Chicago my sisiter-in-law kept saying, "it is so quiet here" when we were out for breakfast. I thought it was funny because I was thinking the exact opposite, we were on a patio by a busy road with Semi trucks driving by. I love the pictures in this post, so pastoral.

  12. My daughter is home (Minnesota) from NYC and while riding in the car she said "sorry mom, I will never again live in MN!" Part of it made me sad...but I think it has to do with the need to drive and drabness! I am thinking she should get rich and buy a big apartment and I will move to the City and live with her and maybe some grandkids! lol

  13. They have a very cool Indian pow-wow every summer and a cute kids carnival In the spring. :) I personally would rent a zip car the next time... It's a MUCH faster ride on the LIE!

  14. Yes, we try to go every year to maize maze in Queens farm at night time! My boys love it, and I'm sure you will have lots of fun!
    Love your blog!

  15. Looks like fun!!! So crazy, a secret farm tucked away in NYC.

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