Christmas Day 2011

1. A ream of copy paper from the Phantom. He strikes again OAJ!
2. A hippy outfit from Santa. Loving the upside down guitar.
3. Cars costume and race track from Grandma. Model cars from Aunt Elaine. Thank you!


  1. I look at your blog a lot and I never comment BUT today I just had to say… Ella is the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

    -Ella’s Dad

  2. It wasn't me- that was allll dad. I did give my kids phantom gifts though: a box of macaroni & cheese, can of soup and a diaper. I also put a big smushy bug unwrapped at the bottom of the kids stockings. (In the store, the boys wanted to get one to scare Mike but I said no and did it to them instead. ha!)

  3. Dad said it wasn't him either. It really was the phantom!


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