All the Diverse Holidays This Season

I love living in NYC for many reasons, but one of my favorite things is the religious and cultural diversity. Having my kids be surrounded by people that share different points of view is really important to me. I think it helps set the stage for them to eventually form their own opinions. And New Yorkers aren't shy to tell you their opinions! I think that's a good thing though. Because what I've experienced so far is a high level of acceptance and curiosity, especially during this holiday season. What will you be celebrating this winter season?

Here's my list of diverse winter holidays currently being celebrated around the world!

Some on my list aren't exactly celebrated here NYC. . . but most of them are!

Did I miss any?


  1. In Poland we also celebrate Christmas Eve (24th December). It is very special day for us. We keep a fast till the evening. Then we organize Christmas Eve Supper with menu usually without meat.
    And at the end of this day we meet Santa Claus....if we have been good this year ;)

  2. Great post! In Denver, there is a local dance company, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance - their holiday show "Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum" is about the winter celebrations all around the world. Junkanoo is the finale and always my favorite. Love that you included it here!
    I am new to your blog and love it! I am a wannabe NYer...my family moved from NY to Denver before I was born (they thought 3 kids in the city would be too crazy, ha!) I think you are giving your kids an awesome childhood!


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