5 Must-Do Holiday Traditions (And 5 I'm Skipping)

Oh wow. I've had to take a break from the blogging world since December started. It's crazy out there this time of year! Crafts! Elf on the Shelf! Gift Guides! Glue guns are loaded. Yikes. I tried to keep up with the best of them, but I'm tired. And a little anxious and it's only the 10th of December! I still have 14 more days of this madness. So tonight I simplified Christmas for myself.

Click here to read my list of 5 must-do holiday traditions and 5 I'm skipping.

Anything on the top of your todo list? Anything you already know you'll skip? Will you be posting pictures of your Christmas tree? Just do it.


  1. You may like a website called paperlesspost where you can send Christmas cards online, but they don't look like the cheap ones. In fact you have to pay a little bit to send them and then you get to see who opened your cards and if they left any message for you. I used them last year and sent cards to tons of people that I would not if I had done in print!


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