10 Charities That Are Meaningful to My Kids

This Christmas, I'm giving my kids money to donate to a charity of their choice. It sounds like a simple idea, but I was overwhelmed! So many charities to choose from! And how would they be meaningful to my kids? So I did some research.

First, I read through the list of charities that currently have the BBB National Charity Seal, just to feel confident that we are giving to legit organizations. Then, I looked through pictures I've taken of my kids in 2011 and tried to match the pictures up with charities. I was able to edit the huge list down to three charities per kid to choose from. And I even found one for our cousin Henrietta!

Here's the 10 charities that connect with my kid's 2011 memories.  

You're going to love the pictures I found from my archives! Some of my favorites of the year!

I hope it makes them feel a bond with the charity they choose and the people they are helping.

How do you help your kids learn about giving this time of year?


  1. Great idea! Will have to remember this for when I have kids. : )

  2. Hi Sharon! Thanks for sharing your ideas and pics with us. You are a great mother, your kids should be the happiest to have you! I do not have my own still, but when I do a I want to be as good as you! Have a nice pre Christmas time!

  3. I love the list and the corresponding pictures! I'm excited to see which ones they pick!

  4. Jessica R GarrettMarch 30, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Sharon this rocks. What a way to help your kids get into the spirit of the season in their own way! This is a MUST DO for me and my future little ones. I also loved reading about your kids' experiences this year.
    PS - I have a little Shih Tzu puppy so anytime Owen is needing some playtime let me know :)

    Best, Jessica

  5. What a wonderful idea, and the photos and charities match up excellently. I hope they were thrilled (:

  6. You are so fabulous. I would love to do dthis when my kids are a bit older.

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