My Lunch

You know how I have been writing those Pillsbury sponsored posts? I got a tub of their vanilla icing to use for an upcoming blog entry BUT everyday I keep eating the icing little by little. Soon it will be gone before I get a chance to do the post. In fact, that's all I ate for lunch today! Yikes. It wasn't until I was visiting Joanna's blog and saw all the fresh ingredients to make a salad that I paused. I realized that I HAVE ALL THOSE ingredients in my fridge right now, but instead I ate icing! I'm obviously still working out the logistics of a sponsored posts and the free products that come with it. Whoops.

To see the my real Pillsbury sponsored post, read it here. I talk about another new tradition I started. I seem to be making up a lot of traditions lately like here and here.  Hopefully eating just icing for lunch isn't one of them!

picture via Cup of Jo


  1. I had a bowl of sugary cereal for dinner last night. Oops! And that is even without a sponsor sending me ingredients!

  2. Wait. Icing isn't lunch? Dang...


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