Couple Shot

thanks mike for taking our picture!

Here's a photo of Rob and me in New Orleans. I love it!  Someone saw this picture and asked if we were wearing costumes. Ha! Good question! We sort of are. I know we would have never worn those hats unless we were in New Orleans. I had fun dressing out of my element when we were there.

Do you ever dress differently when you are in new locations? I've talked about this with women in NYC and some told me they dress up according to the part of the city they are headed to. For example:
Upper East Side: Preppy, dress up.
Brooklyn: Dress down, jeans, oxfords, cardigans.
Upper West Side: Whatever (love it here)
Soho: A lot of Black, wedge heals

I don't have enough fashion sense/wardrobe options to keep up with all that but it sounds fun! Have you noticed that to be true?

Have a good weekend!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with NOLA.

  2. I definitely dress different depending on my location. I know I should probably dress like "me" everywhere I go, but sometimes it's more fun to sort of play the part when you are a little out of your element.

    Also, I love the hats.

  3. ha. when ed and i go to the village for dinner we put on our "downtown clothes." great pic of you guys.

  4. love your hats! I dress regionally sometimes. When I'm in my hometown in Texas I try to dress down. When I'm with my inlaws in New England I try to go for a more refined look. (Maybe that's because it's New England, maybe it's because it's my inlaws...hmmm!)

  5. You guys look awesome! That's a stellar photo. And yes, I def change up my attire depending on my location, but mostly when traveling. Not really in the city.

  6. JohnjenniferpenningtonMarch 30, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    Love this picture of you two!

  7. thanks! yes--nothing wrong with playing the part!

  8. hahaha. ah yes, good to know. i'll add it to my list!

  9. I dress Port Charlotte Chic. Flip flops and stains.

  10. After moving from the suburbs to Hoboken I started to pay more attention to what I was dressing as I am always walking around very stylish people going to the city and not just hidden inside a car like before!

  11. Yeah...I live at Broadway and 140th and work at Lincoln Center. When I am hanging around my home hood I don't care what I wear at all. When I'm hanging around my work hood I try to match my blacks. When I go down town, I have no idea, and feel like a tourist even though I'm a native NYer. In Brooklyn, I feel like a total dweeb, I am just not cool enough. Its a problem. I'm guessing people from Warren, Ohio do not have the same clothing issues!


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