Babble Post: My Current Obsession

I'm obsessed with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade lately. I've been watching youtube videos, emailing friends for parade tips, and trying desperately to convince my family to watch it live. I'm using any methods possible, propaganda even! Check out these parade books that I'm going to check out from library. I hope they will brainwash my kids and husband into thinking it's a great idea to stand in the freezing cold for 5 hours!!

I bought this parade book because I loved it so much. I've been reading it to my kids 20 times a day. Too much?

PS Super jealous my sista was in the parade years ago. Jeannine do you have any pics?!

Anyone have any tips for watching the parade live?


  1. All this from the girl who was so ready to escape Halloween? I'm in shock! I think I feel about parades the way you feel about trick-or-treating. Ha ha.


  2. Go early and start around 95th or 90th St. The parade doesn't officially start till 81 st, but all the floats line up above 81 st. and there are no crowds. They won't be singing and dancing yet, but you can see everything close up!

  3. oh my! i never thought of that. you're totally right. i might have rethink my big plans!

  4. i'm with emily. they line up early in the 90's and CPW with no crowd.

  5. i never heard that! that's so smart! thanks for the tip!

  6. ps maybe all those books are to convince/motivate ME. haha

  7. hahaaa thanks for the shout out. Of cooooarse I have pictures. I'll e-mail them to you. Speaking of mom, I wished I could've seen her that day watching us on TV. She must have gone bananas! She always seemed genuinely excited about everything we did. Even the small stuff. Dad always made me feel like what I said was important, even if it was trivial. (He still does.) They really did a great job with us.

  8. I never heard about it either, but I used to live on 90th St. on the west side my first year in the city. I wanted to go to the parade, so I walked east until I got to CPW and 90th with the intention of walking down to 81. Then I discovered this "secret" tip. It was quite exciting!

  9. oh wow!! these are great!! thank you so much for taking the time to write it all out. love the tip about the no liquids. never thought of that. yikes! maybe i should have all my kids wear diapers. gross, but necessary. haha

  10. oh my gosh! i still remember. she (of course) was crying happy tears! and screaming! haha i remember the cameramen loved you! do we still have that recorded somewhere. as she watched it live, she kept saying, "there she is! ahhhh!! there she is again!!"

  11. I haven't gone the parade since I was a kid! My favorite part of the parade is the end when Santa comes. Now that I have kids of my own I make a big deal out of it! We go to see the Santa at Hardod Sqaura every year since that's what I did as a child. It's a classic NYC experience!

  12. I usually don't comment, but this is right up my alley. My family lived in NY when I was around age 8 and we went to the parade two years in a row, later we moved to Northern New Jersey and would make the trek in every year. Bullet pointed list:

    -Think of the earliest possible time you could get everyone up, then get up earlier. When we lived in the city we were on the Upper East Side and would walk through the park (you can't do that anymore, that side of the street is blocked) which took quite a while with two kids under 10. Time it out with Google, then add some time because Google thinks everyone walks at the speed of light.
    -Breakfast is crackers or toast, something dry and no liquids. I imagine I don't have to tell you how you really don't want to have to find a bathroom while you're there.
    -Get disposable cameras for your kids! One year when I was really young we had them and they were the coolest things ever; entertained my sister and I while we waited for the balloons. The other year we didn't have them and I was so bored I begged my dad to take me to go climb on rocks in Central Park.
    -Know what's coming. Either print out or tear from the newspaper a list of the floats and balloons that will pass by. Spot the next float can be a fun game.
    -Tape the TV version. Because the Rockettes don't walk the parade, and you probably wont make it home in time for the dog show.

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I accredit that in part because of the Macy's Parade. We even would have extended family come to town just to go the parade. Even if it doesn't work out for this year, don't give up! The year we didn't go while we were living in New Jersey I literally sat in front of the TV and cried to show my parents how upset I was that we didn't go.

  13. Go the night before! We would take our boys the night before the parade to see all the balloons being blown up. They do it right next to the natural history museum. It's really fun for them to see and not as crowded as the parade itself.

  14. i LOVE the thanksgiving day parade and usually have to hide form others in order to watch it. I can't imagine actually seeing it in person. If your family ditches you I will join you. I wish!

  15. Found your blog indirectly through CJANE. I am a nyc mom and blogger too...we have been to the parade 8 years in a row. We send the men around 6:30 with blankets, camping chairs, hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls. They stake out a front row spot and wait. We leave around 7:30 and meet up with them around 8 and wait another hour. I cannot disclose where we sit, because then other people might take it!!! But here are a few tips:

    It's hard to cross the street by the time the girls arrive, so make sure the men are on the side where the rest will join, for us, the EAST side of the route works best because we come from the EAST.

    Situate yourself next to a lampost....have it be north of you, because then the crowd can't push back on you.

    Do not make your blankets/camping chairs more condensed until the last possible second....otherwise you will be SO TIGHT before it even starts.

    Good luck.


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