Babble Post: Christmas List

I remember as a kid I would flip through the Sears catalog and circle every toy I wanted. The catalog was endless to me, larger than a telephone book. It was so fun/harmless to dream of what Santa would decide to bring me.

I love hearing what my kids dream of getting for Christmas.  They completely believe in the magic of Santa and that anything is possible. I'm so lucky to have three little believers in the house!

For Babble this week I put together my kid's dream lists. They know they won't be getting everything on the list, but had fun creating them regardless. If a massive Sear's catalog existed today, here's what my kids would be circling:

Find Ella's Rock 'n' Roll list here.
Oscar's list went Postal. (my favorite)
And a big yellow taxi carried off Owen's list.

Did you circle up the Sear's catalog too? How did I think Santa would see all my circles? As a kid, I never found out, but he always came through.

Also, speaking of Babble, did you hear the good news? They got acquired by Disney this week! I'll keep you posted if I hear anything more. I'm excited to be apart of the Babble team and watch it grow!


  1. What amazingly cute ideas! I love how all of their little personalities shine through with their wish lists. I think I'm on board with Ella's Rock and Roll theme :)

  2. Dear Sharon, I am writing to you from Poland...maybe I can surprise your Owen with a postcard from Poland?:):) how do you think???:):) BTW, very great ideas...so much fun reading it and maybe I will try to do the same for my little one max:):):) monika - monika_hes@yahoo.com

  3. Barbara ScarbroughMarch 30, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    Adorable! I love how they are all wearing the same pjs, no matter boy or girl.

    I am a new reader and I love your blog; living vicariously through you in NYC :)


  4. That picture put a smile on my face. How cute are they!

    And, yes! I loooooved the Sears catalog! I remember I always thought the moon boots would be sooooo coooooool. Mom pointed out that I already had a trampoline, so Santa probably wouldn't think moon boots would be as much fun as that. But, yes....ah, the magic of Christmas. I wore that Sears catalog out!

  5. haha YEs! the moon boots. exactly. What about the kid's pottery wheel? always got a circle.

  6. hi welcome! thanks for reading. :)

  7. haha go get yourself a purple guitar :)

  8. great ideas, love the mail carrier bag from etsy. i hope santa bring that!

  9. That's so fun- I can't wait to have little one of my own to celebrate with :)

  10. I love these Pjs . Where are from?

  11. thanks! i got them at Old Navy last year. :)

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