9/11 Memorial

There's a million things I want to blog about at the moment. First up, the 9/11 Memorial. We walked around it on Sunday.  It was visual stunning and I loved how it almost beckoned me slowly walked around the border feeling each name of the people who died. My favorite was the sound of the waterfalls. It's all I could hear at times.  I didn't hear the huge highway next to the site. I didn't even hear the people talking next to me. It made me get a minute to think. What did it sound like? At times the falls sadly reminded me of the destruction, the water almost mimicking the way the Towers fell.  At other times, it reminded me of a crowd cheering, that our nation has possibly found a way to overcome this huge disaster.

I'm really glad I went. Thanks for the tickets rebecca. Get yours here. It's free to see the memorial, but you have to reserve a ticket first.


  1. Great black&white photo! Reserve me a ticket the next time I get up there:)

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