The Secret Life of Sharon Bees

Where have I been? Hiding in New Orleans with my husband Rob. Here's the post I wrote last Friday that explains everything. I wrote it while Rob was on a swamp tour with his buddies. Why I didn't hit "Publish Post" is a mystery to me.

I forgot my bulky amazing camera. How is that even possible after writing this post yesterday?! It's at home in NYC, sitting on my dresser.  I realized this after I checked in at the airport yesterday. I've been going crazy without it. I'm not a photographer by any means but it's become fun hobby for me. I love to be in a place and capture it and put it on my blog. Those three things bring me so much joy! As I was packing, I must have forgotten about my blog. That never happens! How am I going to feel validation for my life now that I can't take good pictures of it?! haha joking! sort of. wait. i would neeever think that.

Rob and I have been in New Orleans for 24 hours. The kids are at home in NYC. Grandpa and grandma have replaced us. As far as my kids are concerned, they have traded up. I think they might be right.

We've done so many things since we flew into New Orleans. I instantly fell in love with it. The same way I did the first time I visited San Francisco. I've already had one of the best meals of my life. I've had some of the best costumer service. I love it all, especially the people.

I know if I would have brought my camera, I would have gotten back into my own world of taking pictures. I never realized that's why I love it so much. I love to escape and be alone! It's the same reason why I'm attracted to running.  I never like to run with friends. I've tried, but I prefer to go alone and at my own pace. Writing has the same affect on me. It instantly makes me disappear behind the glowing screen of my laptop. I don't even hear my kids fighting. It's great!

With photography, running, and writing, I disappear for awhile and become a fly on the wall that is sometimes holding a very bulky camera. But when I do these things, I'm not really interacting with the people around me, because then I would ruin the moment. I like to take pictures of my family playing and discovering, not posing.

So this weekend, I'm going to be with Rob and good friends. I'm going to try not to make anyone into writing material. I'm going to try not to even take pictures, even on my iPhone.  (Update: This was a lofty/unrealistic goal. I almost made it. I took less than 15 pictures on my iPhone. I couldn't resist!)

Do you ever leave your camera at home on purpose so that your life just flows? This was by no means a conscience thing, but it's changed the trip that's for sure.


  1. Gaby [The Vault Files]March 30, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    I love natural moments. I guess that's why I'm the official photographer ( not that I'm really good at it) at my house. I hate posing, so that's why there are only a few pics of myself from our travels. I'm also a runner, and like you, I like to run alone, my pace, my music, and if I suddenly feel like I want to run faster I don't have to ask anyone. Same with swimming!

  2. I totally agree with you: photography, writing and running are my 3 'hobbies' (ha! I kind of hate calling them hobbies - I want at least one of them to be a profession) and I think I love them so much because they are meant to be done alone and I LOVE being alone. But I recently went away for a couple of days with my closest friend and decided not to take the camera - I just want pure conversation and to really 'be' there - it was so good. I felt so refreshed when I came back and will definitely do it again.

  3. YES! I do get a kick when I capture a great picture, but I prefer to experience the moment in real life without a camera. People who take videos of long boring things like an ENTIRE parade crack me up. Like they're ever gonna sit and watch it again!

  4. So true! Just watched Bill Cunningham life documentary on Netflix and he is the same way, always behind his camera, he does not drink even one sip of water of all the events he goes to! I went to New Orleans for my honeymoon, it was wonderful! That was before Katrina. One of my cameras had to be sent to repair and the other decided to disappear for a few day, I felt out of place!


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